How Rona Borre Found Her Way Into The Business Of Scouting Talent

In the modern age, corporates and institutions cannot afford to relegate the position of women as far as the success of businesses is concerned. A good number of women have risen to occupy their rightful positions in entrepreneurship and political leadership. The essay of how women are changing the corporate world can never be complete without mentioning the Rona Borre. Rona Borre is the founder of Instant Alliance, a business that has been operational for the last 16 years. Since its debut, Instant Alliance has maintained a steep growth curve.

Instant Alliance is not the only enterprise that Rona steers. Rona holds a leadership position on the board of the Chicago Economic Club and a leadership role in the Young Presidents Organization and the Chicago Network. Some of the most acclaimed media outlets have featured Rona Borre as one of the most influential women in the US corporate world. Rona derives satisfaction from giving companies solutions that work. She naturally avails the best talent to corporates across the globe.

So how exactly was Instant Alliance born? Right out of college, Rona Borre had the privilege of working with a staffing and recruiting agency. She acquired a lot of expertise in this field and learned how she could leverage technology to achieve the outstanding results as far as sporting talent is concerned. At her early youth, Borre had already made a resolve that hiring industry was where his heart belonged. After the company Rona Borre was working with got acquired, she decides to create her venture. Rona had already built a good relationship with those she had worked with, and this provided her with the network base she required to start on her own. The journey has been fascinating, and Rona has moved from working from his condo to an office of over 50 staff.  Related article on

Speaking to Ideamensch, Rona Borre said that the product is king. Companies and small businesses should strive to create outstanding products and build networks, and the rest follows. Some of the individuals who have inspired Rona Borre to become who she is David Fairhurst, the Chief People Officer at McDonald’s. His commitment to innovating people-centric products inspires Rona’s everyday activities at Instant Alliance.  For the full interview, hit on

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