Julia Jackson: Women in Wine

The corporate world still remains a heavily male-dominated sector of the industry. Julia Jackson, the youngest heir to Jackson Family Wines, however, is breaking into the scene with a fresh, friendly, and feminine face. Julia Jackson is well accomplished and extremely knowledgeable about the wine industry.

Julia at the age of 28 is the youngest in the Jackson family wine dynasty. She attended Scripps College from 2009 to 2010 earning herself a Bachelors of Arts. She then attended grad school in 2010 and majored in Business at Stanford. She now is a co-founder of Rex Apps’ Crunchbase and spokesperson for Jackson Family Wines.

Julia’s interest in wine is one that began way before adulthood. She fondly recalls hot days spent in Santa Maria, on the Southern coast of California, selecting and sifting through grapes with her father. He, she states, always was for the idea of women in business. Thus, it’s no surprise that in his wake Julia founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, a non-profit that praises women that have overcome obstacles of hardship, to encourage the spirit of equality and community for women. Jackson doesn’t see her leaving the wine industry anytime soon.

Jackson Family Wines offers up Chardonnay, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and more. A few brands that Jackson Family Wines has are Champ de Reves, Maggy Hawk, Carmel Road, Anakota, and Silver Palm. Julia Jackson argues that Cabernet from Sonoma is the best although Pinot Noir and Chardonnay is prominent there.

Jackson Family Wines was established in 1982. Since then they’ve become a global presence with wineries located in North America, South America, Austrailia, France, Italy and South Africa- yes five of the seven continents! Julia Jackson insists that the Jackson family trade will continue as long as Mother Nature remains hearty and full of life.

Rona Borre Made it Plain That She Came to Town to Stay

Rona Borre is the founder and the CEO of Instant Alliance, a Chicago-Based staffing and recruiting company. The company specializes in the placement of technological and financial professionals who are needed by companies who are in that transitional state of moving on to the next level.

Borre started the company in 2001 from a spare bedroom in her Chicago condo with her dog, Henry. She and Henry were the only people who ever showed up for work for a while, even though Borre wore a business suit to work every day. She figured she was in business so she ought to dress like it.

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That attitude seems to have paid off because Instant Access is one of the fastest growing and most successful small companies on the planet and is still on the move. Specializing in the placement of financial and technological professionals, Instant Alliance works with companies across the nation in helping them find the right talent.  More read on builtinchicago.org

Borre states that most staffing companies miss one major ingredient and that is the relationship that binds the staffing company and the hiring company together. This is very important as the right person must be hired that fits the needs and culture of the hiring company, so the candidate will work out for the employer.

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