Highland Capital Sets Sights on Big 2017

For the past several years the people at Highland Capital have been making a statement to the financial world: they are here, they are willing to take risks, and they are not going to be leaving any time soon. Highland Capital was established by James Dondero and under his leadership the company has flourished from its Texas home base. Highland Capital’s ascension to the top of the financial investment market has been as fun as it has been surprising to watch. Today we are going to dig into a few nuggets of information that James Dondero and Michael Gregory, the Chief Investment Officer at Highland Alternative Investors, decided to release to the press.

To start out with, Highland Capital explored a huge year in 2016 where they went on to make huge investments at just the right time. Highland flourished while buying into pipeline partnership investments during the oil price crash and as a result they saw a major return on their investments. Highland Capital operates with around $15.4 billion in total assets with James Dondero controlling only a small section, $55 million, through Highland Capital Management. The Dallas based company is looking to different sectors in 2017 in order to try and repeat their success from only a year ago.

In 2017 it looks like Highland Capital Management is going to jump right into a sector that many people are surprisingly leaving: healthcare. Michael Gregory has his eyes on a couple of companies that he thinks will end up being real gangbusters during the 2017 financial season. Gregory is focused on healthcare for a simple reason: insurance companies are finally waking up to the very public and very problematic opioid addiction issue that is currently sweeping through the United States.

The companies that Gregory and Dondero are focused on are Collegium Pharmaceutical Inc (COLL) and Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc (PCRX). Collegium Pharmaceuticals is developing an oxycodone medication called Xtampza ER that dramatically cuts down on the issue of addiction and Gregory thinks this will be a huge hit in the healthcare field once it goes live. Pacira is developing a non opioid pain reliever for surgeries and orthopedic routines that Gregory believes will be massively popular.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Overlooking the Expansion of Grupo Televisa Service Portfolio

     The Mexican Media industry is one of the fastest growing sectors and has witnessed a sudden boom in the past few years. It is largely because the competition in various sectors has increased drastically, and different media companies are offering a wide range of innovative and creative services to attract more customers. The Mexican media industry has many different companies that have been transforming the media industry in the country completely, such as Evoga Entertainment, MVS Communications, Grupo Televisa, Grupo CIE, and others. These companies are setting new benchmarks in the media industry of Mexico, and helping companies from other sectors to reach out to their target audience through the marketing platform offered by these media companies.

One of the leading media firms in Mexico is Grupo Televisa, which is the largest media conglomerate in the Spanish-speaking world. They offer a broad range of services such as dth services, voice services, high-speed data services and others to their residential and commercial customers. The company also operates a publishing and advertising segment for their commercial customers. The company aims to expand its business to other countries in the near future.

The company offers a wide range of media products to its target audience and continually innovates to ensure that the audience always has something new to look forward to. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Grupo RBS and has played a significant role in the financial restructuring of the company. He has also played the key role in materializing the collaboration with another media giant, Univision. The partnership with Univision helped Grupo Televisa to further its access into the Hispanic world. Grupo Televisa was set up in 1930 and has it’s headquarter in Mexico City. Under the leadership of Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero, the company has expanded its portfolio of services over the years.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Proudly Serves Grupo Televisa In Mexicos Media World

     Televisa with Jacobo Zabludovsky as the newscaster is one of the top media companies in Mexico. When he passed away he was replaced with Joaquim Lopez Doriga who still has a lot of influence in the news and media markets. Carmen Aristegui of CNN was incredibly popular in Mexico until a case of government corruption was exposed and Carmen was forced off the air.

Carlos Puig hosts a cable television news show in Mexico. Until six years ago they were the only Mexican news channel to broadcast 24 hours a day. Mexico’s media market also includes numerous magazines including:

* Nexos

* Gatopardo

* Proceso

* Emeequis

* Chilango

* Vertigo

* Zocalo

* Letras Libres

El Universal is the most successful newspaper in Mexico and their resources are invested mainly in internet news. More people in Mexico now read the news on a tablet or a mobile phone than on a computer. Two of the biggest independent outlets in Mexico are SinEmbargo and Animal Politico. Dulce Ramos is the editor of Animal Politico and says the Mexican youths have increased the way they are using social media because they want to be able to participate in political debates.

Mr. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is the Director and Chief Financial Officer at Grupo Televisa. He began working for the company in January of 2004. He has worked for Comercio as both their Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer. His position at the National Banking and Securities Commission was the Banking Supervision’s Vice Chairman of the Board.

Mr. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has served Comercio Mas as the Financial Manager and the General Manager. He served Televisa as their Vice President of Financial Planning. He additionally worked for Comercio Mas as the Chief Executive Officer. He has served Grupo Televisa as a board member and was also a member of the board for Mercado Mexicano de Derivados and Mexder.

Bruce Bent II: A Champion Entrepreneur in Cash Related Solutions

Bruce Bent II entrepreneurial journey is quite a remarkable one. His achievements have mainly been influenced by his visionary character and zeal to make a difference in the lives of other people. This has helped him succeed mainly in the management of short-term projects and finding solutions in cash related matters. He serves as a Chief Executive Officer of Double Rock and also influenced the success of Reserve, a money mutual fund. The main aim of the corporation is to provide licenses in the financial industry. This corporation has six companies under it’s umbrella and Bruce serves as the chairperson in all of the firms.

Bent’s expertise has helped foresee the growth of companies mainly in production and distribution. Sales in most organizations have projected in an upward direction since he fully dedicates himself in his capacity as the leader. His success has seen him get featured in most books as one of the most successful Chief Executive Officers. Bruce is one of the members of a peer’s organization. He also served as a former Chief Executive Officer in the financial sector in Gotham enterprise. Other than being a board member in Jane Street, he also serves as an advisor in Scenic Hudson.

In an interview conducted by ideamensch, Bruce says that the double rock corporation was inspired by his dad whose main idea was to establish a money market mutual fund. Bruce loves being in movement, and as long as he has his phone and laptop, he can work from anywhere. Through gathering together a good number of smart people; Bruce can develop an idea to a substantial wealth generator.

Communication is what has been Bruce’s key factor since it induces excitement in his everyday life. Though he insinuates stubbornness as a flaw to him, it has helped him be productive in his daily endeavors. He advises young people to always network with many people as they can so and gather more content and ideas. Bruce doesn’t believe in degrees of success but embraces a person’s capacity to develop an idea.

He reveals that his father served as an inspiration to him and made him believe more in innovation. This has helped him make huge steps owing to his journey’s success in the cash industry.

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How UKV PLC is a Good Company For Anyone To Invest In

     UKV PLC is not a wine producer that should be seen as being ordinary. They are a wine making company that is breaking barriers in the industry of wine making, as they are implementing strategies of a specific type of fermentation process that is enabling them to product a truly high quality product of wine.

UKV PLC is a wine producer that has taken the steps that are necessary to produce a quality wine product through innovative measures of production. Their innovative processes consist of ensuring their products undergo full and thorough processes of both sanitation and fermentation. Why invest in a wine product that is not fermented fully? If you are not sure about what fermentation is, it is the process that consists of the wine’s fruit(s) having their sugars converted into alcohol through a time consuming process. Unfortunately, many people are not taking the steps that may be required of them to ensure they are investing in a wine product that has been fully fermented. Not only that, many people are also mistakenly investing in wine products of companies that do not properly sanitize the tanks that they produce their wine products in. Such an occurrence is absolutely unsafe and people should avoid dealing with them at all costs.

If you would like to speak to a customer service assistant, please refer to the website, as there are both contact options and descriptive details about the products. You may find that some of the best tasting wine is provided to you by what UKV PLC is offering. Please feel free to contact an individual of the help desk department today, as they’ll be more than eager to provide you with the assistance that you may need in making your investment decisions. Today is a great day to begin learning about what the company is offering.

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The Traveling Vineyard Gains Attention as More Consultants Pursue Part-Time Work

     The Traveling Vineyard has become one of the most profitable wine companies, and the reason for this has a lot to do with the excellent sales team. People that work for the Traveling Vineyard are consultants that build their own businesses and work on their own. With this type of exposure the Traveling Vineyard wines reach a large number of consumers in different parts of the world.

People that sign up to become wine guides will have access to leaders in their own geographical location that can give them a head start on what they need to do to build their client base.

The people that become consultants for the Traveling Vineyard will also get the opportunity to utilize the online training center for information. This website is known as The Tasting Room. It gives wine guides all the information that they need to know about the exclusive wines that are offered by The Traveling Vineyard. It also gives information about wine pairing as well. These are the tools that will help wine guides accelerate their careers in the area of selling wines to wine connoisseurs.

A third valuable aspect of creating a super business as to do with getting people to throw hosting parties. This is beneficial for both the consultant and the person that is hosting the party. People that are hosting get an opportunity to acquire free wine, and they also get the chance to participate in wine tasting. This is a great opportunity for friends or family members to mingle and see exactly what the Traveling Vineyard offers.

When these various tools of the trade are incorporated any Traveling Vineyard wine consultant can reach a maximum performance. They can excel in an industry that allows them to have a flexible schedule as well. This is one of the main reasons that a lot of people are interested in the wine that is offered by The Traveling Vineyard.

One that may be looking for an opportunity to improve their wine collection will definitely be interested in what the Traveling Vineyard offers in terms of exclusive wine selections.

Check http://vendorshowcase.weebly.com/traveling-vineyard.html for more.

Whitney Wolfe Changes the Online Dating Status Quo

     Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble, a successful feminist dating app that puts women in control of the dating game. Unlike other dating apps like Tinder, Bumble requires that the woman makes the first move by initiating the conversation.

Before Bumble, Whitney worked at Tinder after which she created Bumble. What motivated her to start the company was the desire to enable women to break the status quo that puts men in charge and control of relationships. She wanted to give women a space where they feel comfortable being themselves.

In her college days, Wolfe was always comfortable making the first move despite being raised with the notion that she wasn’t supposed to. Though tech is male dominated, Whitney has emerged successful and points out that she has been lucky not to have experienced too much discrimination.

While Facebook is known for connecting people you know, Bumble links individuals who don’t know each other. Wolfe has plans to expand the company from digital to the physical space in the form of ‘social hives’ which will serve as a safe, meeting place to a Bumble match.


As of April 2016, Bumble was the fourth most popular app according to the Monthly user base. The business Insider named Whitney among the 30 under 30 most influential women in tech in 2014. In 2016, she was listed as one of Elle’s women in tech. She also appeared on Forbes’s 2017 list of 30 under 30.

Bumble was launched in 2014 and to date has over 11.5 million registered users. The company is worth $500 million according to Time. In efforts to expand the reach of the app, Bumble recently hired new marketing teams around the world.

Whitney has many plans for the company. Apart from expanding to platonic and professional platforms, the company now plans to set up a platform for LGBTQ community and other types of relationships. In fact, Bumble invested in a new LGBTQ dating app called Chappy.

Learn more at http://www.forbes.com/profile/whitney-wolfe/.



Sheldon Lavin – Helping OSI Group LLC with Strategic Business Development and Expansion Globally

     The career of Sheldon Lavin, CEO, and Chairman of OSI Group LLC is long and remarkable and can be compared with a rollercoaster ride. He has struggled past through many challenges to become what he is today. Sheld Lavin entered the meat industry over four decades ago when he didn’t have any knowledge about the industry. At the time he entered the meat business, Sheldon Lavin already had a successful career as a finance and investment executive in the growing banking sector. Moreover, at the time when Sheldon Lavin thought of switching to the meat industry, he also had his financial consulting firm.

However, he still decided to take on the challenge and become the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group LLC, and under his leadership, the company has become one of the leading suppliers of food products to an international chain of food service and other retail brands in the meat and food industry. There are two primary subsidiaries under the OSI Group LLC, which are OSI Industries and OSI International Foods, which are based out of the United States. The holding firm for the global investments and assets of OSI Group is OSI International Inc.

OSI Group has a massive workforce of over 20,000 employees across the globe, and Sheldon Lavin takes pride in the fact as to how he has helped developed a fun, friendly and yet professional work and corporate culture in the company. Sheldon Lavin is a people’s person, and to him, his employees are the most valuable resource of the OSI Group, which is why the culture at the company is more family-oriented.

The association of Sheldon Lavin with OSI Group was a bit of a miracle, as he helped finance the family that Otto & Sons LLC that was the former owners of OSI Group LLC. Sheldon Lavin arranged the funding for the firm, but when more funds were required to set up a manufacturing unit, the bank asked Sheldon to become one of the partners in the business, and even though he initially refused, he later made a separate arrangement with the owners. It is what marked his entry in the meat industry. He is based in Greater Chicago Area and helps OSI Group LLC with various strategic business development measures.

Learn more at http://www.meatpoultry.com/articles/news_home/Business/2016/01/IPPE_Report_NAMI_presents_indu.aspx?ID=%7BE1582A7B-2E7E-41C6-A3C0-E1542D6C6C2C%7D&cck=1.

Nuo(DB)-sweat scaleing

NuoDB is not about upsetting the past. Rather it is about removing barriers that many data servers face as they grow, and while it has many new trappings and prepares for the future, NuoDB is fully compatible with the past.
But how does a simple cloud database manage this? Simple, a premise the team calls “elastic scalability”. Which is an approach that takes the nightmare phrase “scaling the database” and turns it into a simple request. This Lowers the total cost of running, frees up development hours to focus on the product and doesn’t constrain your business to arbitrary technological constraints. In order to achieve this, two types of peers are used, “transaction engines” in memory caching layers and “Storage managers” to ensure incredible durability of data allowing lightning fast reading and writing of whatever they may be storing.
NuoDB also boasts incredible redundancy completely eliminating downtime, even if entire databases go down, be it intentional or not, your application will not. NuoDB leverages it’s peer to peer data structure and resilient database structure to provide this constant, lightning fast service.

Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is an Australian online site for sensuality wear. Out of Brisbane, the entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan started the site has risen up in the ranks of online shops for sensuality. It is designed for an enhanced customer experience that has been rising by 374% over the last year. That’s unheard of in the industry. Amazing to everyone that has watched the shop rise in the sensuality category, it is just what the industry needed.

The site is so well designed that it customizes to each customer as they enter. Your country is the first thing that it is personalized for you. Then it gives you a discount off your first order. The look of the site is sleek and sexy, just like the products that it sells. All tastefully done, it is designed to make the user feel special. Combining pieces together to create a special look for users, even the most inexperienced person could easily find a stunning combination for those private moments of sensuality.

Honey Birdette offers other items for sensuality as well. Each set has a name and comes as a complete set, or as individual items. The ability to design a look is part of the draw for the site. There is even a payment system that allows you to pay later if needed. Monthly installments allow everyone to enjoy the ease of use, and the beauty of design for the site.

Seamless in every way, it is the best way to both pamper yourself or someone special in your life. Gift cards are available as well if needed. It is a breath of fresh air online for sensuality shops. Tastefully done, it offers all that anyone could want for those special moments in private. Honey Birdette is worth checking out for yourself. Indulge yourself. You deserve it.

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