One of the Top Banks in Dallas

NexBank Capital is a financial services company. It focuses on three key areas. The areas include mortgage banking, institutional services, and commercial banking. They offer these services to financial institutions, corporations, and institutional investors all over the country. NexBank’s clients also include investors in real estate and middle-market companies. The firm was founded a few decades ago. It is located at McKinney Avenue, Suite 1100 in Dallas, Texas. Its assets are worth $5 billion dollars today. This makes it one of the most successful firms in the region.

John Holt is the president and CEO of NexBank. Holt is also the chairman of the Texas Bankers Association Board of Directors. James Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management. He serves as the chairman of the board of directors. The firm employs close to a hundred employees who are trained to provide the best services to clients. NexBank is involved in philanthropy. It supports charitable organizations that seek to improve the lives of people. They are partners with Habitat for Humanity International. This is a non-profit that constructs shelters for the homeless.

NexBank provides an online banking option for clients who are looking for funding. NexBank is rated highly by the Better Business Bureau that tracks the performance of customer service teams in companies. They have a team of representatives ready to serve clients and to answer any queries about their products. NexBank is a member of the Texas Bankers Association. It was involved in fundraising efforts towards victims of an attack in Dallas. Holt said that the show of solidarity by the banks and the citizens of Dallas was proof of the unity and strength that they had. He said this at the time of the announcement. He added that uniting during tough times would not reverse the damage. It would lessen the pain that the victims felt.