Talk Fusion’s Bob Reinas Always Gives Back To The Community

Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reinas in 2007. It is a business that helps businesses and charities to get more exposure by digital marketing. They have several package options, ranging in price from $125 to $1,499. So they have options that will meet most people’s budget. Since the start of business in 2007 Talk Fusion has expanded tremendously and are steadily adding things to their product list. When Bob first started in business he knew he wanted to give back to others. Bob says, “with success comes greater responsibility”. This is something that he transitioned over into the culture of Talk Fusion. Bob Reinas not only talks about giving back, he actually follows through on it.
Bob Reinas gave one million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and often gives to an Indonesian orphanage. He steadily gives because that is the true culture of Talk Fusion. He believes in changing lives via action. He recently took things to a whole new level with his giving. He gave all Talk Fusion associates the opportunity to give a free Talk Fusion account to the charity of their choice. On this account the charity has access to their best plan. Within this plan people have access to branding, video marketing products and more. When he created this he wanted to help charities and nonprofits be able to get the word out about their company and how they help people.
Anyone can see how Talk Fusion goes above and beyond to give back.


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