Eric Pulier – Author, Entrepreneur, & Philanthropist

Eric Pulier is an American Author, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist best known for his work in the computer programming sector. He was born in New Jersey and showed a creative streak from an early age. Eric began programming computers in the 4th grade and by high school had started his own computer database company. To date, Eric Pulier has either founded, co-founded, or funded a whopping 15 companies – all to do with computers and technology. Eric is a graduate of Harvard University where he graduated magna cum laude in 1988. As a Harvard undergraduate, Eric wrote for the Harvard Crimson, a student paper.

Eris Pulier is very invested in his philanthropy work. Some of his earlier work includes making a multimedia platform for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation that educated people with Multiple Sclerosis about their condition. In early 1995 Eric collaborated with other entrepreneurs to create Starbright World, which was the first private social media network geared toward helping children with chronic illnesses connect with each other through blog posts and chats on a safe forum. Eric Pulier serves on the board of directors for the XPrize Foundation and the Painted Turtle. The XPrize Foundation is known for holding competitions so people can come up with creative solutions to problems. The Painted Turtle is a charity-based program that funds a summer camp so children with chronic illnesses can get together and learn about their illnesses and not feel alone.

Eric Pulier published his book called Understanding Enterprise SOA in 2006 to positive feedback. In this book, Eric delivers an easy-to-understand, concise introduction to the topic. This book is known for being easy to understand and follow, in-depth insight, and it’s relevance.