Samuel Strauch Reveals the Best Suburban Communities of Some of Florida’s Biggest Cities

Samuel Strauch currently works at Metrik Real estate. This is a South Florida based real estate group that does equity financing, property development, property management leasing, selling and marketing of properties in South Florida and Latin America. Mr. Strauch founded the realty company after leaving a banking job at a family business that was also based in South Florida.

As a leader of a major real estate development, company, Samuel Strauch says he very closely monitors the trends of the realty market especially in Florida where his firm is based. Mr. Strauch recently opined on what he thought some of the best suburbs in the USA are. Below are the three Florida suburbs that made his top ten US suburbs lists.

At number five in Samuel Strauch’s list was the Tampa, Florida suburb of Palm River–Clair Mel. This suburban community has highly rated schools, lots of acreage per home and is a very safe community. Homes cost less than half than they would per square foot than in the city of Tampa. The suburb is also very close to Tampa. This gives you access to the best of both worlds in terms of quiet, peace, excitement and job opportunities. Instagram Photos.

Number six on Samuel Strauch’s list is a suburb of Orlando, Florida called Vista East. This community has homes that are about one fifth less than the cost of housing in the city of Orlando. Living in Vista East will still give you easy access to all of Orlando’s attractions as the suburb is just outside the city. It also boasts good schools, parks and other public facilities.

After Vista East, comes the suburb of Cutler Bay. It is located north Of Miami. Homes here are about 40% less expensive than in the city of Miami. Cutler Bay is also located along the beach and offers and easy commute to the city. Click here to know more.

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