Re-living the Boy in the Man with Toys for Boys

On July 2016, the co- founder of Toys for Boys, Danilo Diaz Granados held a fantastic event aimed at entertaining his guests in Miami. The event featured helicopter rides, race track events, sunset boat rides and an excellent cuisine just to mention but a few. These kinds of events are purposely meant to bring an adrenaline feeling for men. Over the years, since the company’s foundation, Granados has successfully held several lifetime events for his quests.

According to Granados, he wanted to create an opportunity where men can have a once in a lifetime experience. He stated that people in Miami now have a place they can get most of the fantastic products in a single location. On that particular day, hand-picked guests were treated to an intimate breakfast. They were also privileged to have a private view of the highly anticipated residential building in the highly coveted area of Miami. Granados, later, explained that the company’s goal is to offer an opportunity for the guests to connect with art and the surrounding in an extravagant Miami style. It was also the aim of the company to re-live the boy in the Men they had become. Provision of events like race tracks and boat riding brought out the energy and excitement that can only be achieved in youths.

Granados treated the guests to a helicopter ride to Palm Beach race track. Each man was given the opportunity to take a spin on the track. During the lunch hour, guests were received with Dom Perignon champagne. The champagne was accompanied by an elegant lunch served at the River Yacht Club. As the event came to a closure, the guests were treated to a beautiful sunset boat ride. Courtesy of Van Dutch and Technomar, the guests got to test out the newest boat models from the companies.

Danilo Diaz Granados is an American based entrepreneur. He attended Babson College in Wellesley Massachusetts and graduated with an undergraduate degree in economics and entrepreneurship. Granados utilized the knowledge by conducting a study that identified the needs of the Latino community in Miami. Consequently, he opened a luxury boutique that sold art, watches, exotic automobile, and jewelry. The luxury concept later matured to Toys and Boys.