Norman Pattiz Announces Results of New Podcast Research on Network’s Brand by Edison Research

PodcastOne Executive Chair, Norman Pattiz, together with Tom Webster, Edison Research’s VP of Strategy announced the end results of a number of comprehensive studies. The studies focused on the results of advertising analysis involving five main nationwide consumer products across five diverse service and product types. This was the first study ever conducted before and after campaign brand lift on behalf of podcast advertisers conducted during the second half of 2016. The study showed the important constructive impact that podcast advertising has on the intention to purchase, recall of definite messaging and brand recall.

Key Findings of the Studies

From the studies more than 60% of the listeners referred to a particular grocery brand in its post-campaign, this was an increase from the 7% of listeners who mentioned it in the pre-study. Independent product awareness also increased from before the study and after it by 47% for a product in the financial services, 24% for a garden and lawn product and 37% for a product in the automobile aftermarket sector. During the post-study, more than a third of the respondents held a favorable opinion for an automobile aftermarket product from the 18% during the pre-study. About 22% of the respondents stated they were ready to think about using a garden and lawn product, an increase from the 16% in the pre-study. A casual dining restaurant posted an increase to 76% from before the study to after it.

Studies Carried Out in 2016

Edison Research held three different studies in 2016 for PodcastOne in a bid to find out the efficiency of podcast advertising carried out on five national brands. A number of these brands were already known but were launching new messages while others were unknown brands seeking trial and increased awareness. According to PodcastOne Executive Chairman and Founder Norman Pattiz the core focus of conducting the research was to verify independently whether the podcast format managed to enhance the brand impact over the conventional advertising formats. Tom Webster, Edison Research VP of Strategy, shared his excitement on partnering with PodcastOne and the five top brands in measuring the impact caused by podcast advertising. [Read More]

About Norman Pattiz

Mr. Pattiz is the chairman emeritus and founder of Westwood One, a radio giant. He led the company to become the largest radio network in America and is a provider of sports, news, talk, entertainment as well as traffic programming in the broadcast industry. He founded and launched the Courtside Entertainment Group (based in Los Angeles) in 2010. It is the company that finances and produces multi-platform and quality programming.

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