The Type of Services that are offered by Cotemar

Cotemar is regarded as one of the leading firms that provide a wide array of maritime transportation services in Mexico. The solutions that it offers to its clients include specialized shipping, building and maintenance of facilities that are located offshore, as well as handling various activities in the petroleum sector. The company has been in business since 1979, and it has been broadening the scope of services that it offers. Cotemar’s solutions are essential to various enterprises that are in the petroleum industry, and this includes Petroleos Mexicanos, which has been hiring it to provide offshore transportation solutions. It currently owns a fleet of specialized vessels that assist in the maintenance of infrastructure that is located in the sea. The firm has been ensuring that all the services that it offers are friendly to the environment.

The ships that Cotemar owns have been designed to transport people, oils, and various solid materials. The have been modified to process petroleum products and also carry huge machinery that can be used in facilities that are located offshore. The company has been making sure that its ships are regularly inspected and maintained so that they can meet the standard and safety measures that it has set.

The firm has been offering various services to the people who board its ships. It provides accommodation in small cabins that can be used by up to four people. The vessels of the firm have recreational facilities such as TV rooms, basketball courts, and gym equipment. Its food courts offer delicious cuisine, and they can feed up to 4000 people. The enterprise has been making sure that the employees work in an environment that meets safety and health control regulations. It cares for the employees’ welfare by setting high operating standards.

Cotemar has been growing from the time that it was established, and it is currently a top company that offers marine transport for the oil and gas sector. It is committed to making sure that there is sustainability in the global petroleum industry. The firm has been striving to increase the variety of services that it offers to its clients. It also utilizes emerging technologies when providing services. The company is privately owned, and it was founded to provide accommodation and catering services for people who were traveling offshore. Cotemar owned a ship that was a full-fledged hotel by 1985. To date, the company’s vessels offer all the services that people would need when they are away from land.