The Career and Life of David Osio

The Davos Real Estate Group recently introduced Davos CAP Calculator, which is a new mobile application. This new mobile application is an innovative tool that is designed for offering investors with a clearer way in purchasing financial visions for real estate property in the United States. The Davos Financial Group, an investment committee that’s led by David Osio, has suggested consideration in the allocation of alternative assets within a broad portfolio and investing into real estate, since this could improve return on an individual’s investment portfolio, achieve balance with yield spreads, and reduce the associated risk levels. So of the factors that were highlighted by David Osio during his analysis was improved levels of performance, diversification criteria, the ability for influencing performance through improvements for an active property, and protection from inflation that is associated with income that is adjusted for income. Investment, just like with alternative assets, special and assessment considerations are required, these considerations may include the maintenance and selling of a property, and capitalization levels over time. This is the reason why the Davos Real Estate group, who are committed to quality service has developed the Davos CAP Calculator. The application helps to accurately and simply calculate capitalization rate, net income, and cash flow for the individuals investments in real estate. Among these functions the application provides, if entering mortgage information exist, it shows the terms and conditions that will impact the cash flow and profitability of the investment. The app is available for free in the iTunes store on the iPad, iPhone, and for androids it is available in Google Play.

David Osio is the CEO and founder of the Davos Financial Group, through this position he has been responsible of the global and domestic strategy firm. In addition to this, the board for the Davos Financial Group has helped to define the mission and vision of the company. David Osio, from 1989 to 1993, was the vice president of Banco Latino International, a commercial banking company located in Miami. During his time in this
position, he was responsible over defining strategies. During his time at the bank, increases were reached in the international portfolio for the bank, and the counterbalancing of relative instability in the Venezuelan banking industry of the time. David Osio graduated with honors from the Catholic University Andres Bello of Caracas in 1988 as a lawyer. The most recent achievement Osio was in 2010 when he reached advancement in professional credentials, while he studied Management Investment Portfolios at the New York Institute of Finance.

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