Highland Capital’s Small Equity Fund makes a Killing on Energy Stocks

Investors in the Highland Small-Cap Equity fund gained a lot when the energy stocks they had invested in generated a 32% return. Michael Gregory’s energy stock picks assisted the equity fund to triple its returns compared to the previous year. He said that there is a probability that the out-of –favor healthcare sector can stage a remarkable rebound in 2017.



Gregory is Highland Alternative Investor’s chief investment officer. Highland Alternative Investors is a unit of the Highland Capital Management based in Dallas. It manages approximately $ 15.4 billion. Gregory manages the small cap stock fund with the president and co-founder of the Highland Capital Management, James Dondero. The fund is small since its assets are worth about $55 million.



Gregory attributed the success to Highland’s credit competency since that helped them to make the lucrative pipeline partnership investments in early 2016, a time when the oil prices had bottomed. The investments contributed approximately a half of the total returns received from the fund last year. He also said that the selected partnerships did not cut dividends once the fund bought shares.



He stated that the most interesting thing was how the master limited partnerships (MLPs) offered them low-double-digit or high-single-digit dividend yields. The cash flow was predicated on volume instead of the price of crude. James Dondero and Gregory also focused on master limited partnerships with the solid “sponsors,” the main pipeline consumers for oil producers.



Gregory revealed that they had done a great job in harvesting their gains and capturing the profits as well as sizing down to a position they appreciate.

Praise-Worthy Customer Service at Ushealth Group

It is very difficult to get a fitting insurance cover for specific illness or even a good disability and accident cover solution. USHEALTH Group, Inc understands this aspect and that is why they are the ideal choice of insurance for more than 15 million people in the U.S. In addition to being affordable and secure, their insurance is flexible enough to adjust to the need of the individuals. Different people need different forms of coverage due to their unique needs especially when it comes to a medical cover. To enhance their reliability they have created broad portfolio coverage that could be adjusted to the specific needs of the customer. This helps to create good customer service since the have the option to tailor their covers.

USHEALTH Group, Inc offers a variety of insurance services such as Specified Disease/Sickness, Critical Illness, Short Term Accident Disability Income, Accident, Term Life Insurance, Dental, Income Protector and Vision Plans as ancillary products. For those customers that are afraid of making a big annual deductible before gaining the first benefit, USHEALTH Group, Inc offers first dollar benefits through their innovative products. They also offer various network discounts though some of their providers. These are ideal services for people who want an insurance cover but are on a budget because they are more affordable as compared to their comprehensive plans. To the customers who can afford a more specified level of cost sharing and who wish to have a more secure cover, the company offers a more tailored approach into their insurance cover. USHEALTH Group’s family offers them a unique and specified disease and accident plans that are flexible, reliable and affordable and learn more about USHealth Group.

In order to give a personalised service to their customers, they give the accident, disease/sickness coverage though their subsidiary USHEALTH Advisors that provides the customers with an advisor before they commit to a given coverage. The advisors are well vetted and meet very high company qualifications and standards. They undergo product training and certification before they are allowed to represent the company hence they are very knowledgeable on the products that the company offers.

In an insurance market with a high customer turnover and no customer loyalty, USHEALTH seeks to maintain a healthy long term relationship with their customers. They understand the unique aspect of every customer and that no one insurance package is ideal for all the clients. This is why they offer a broad variety of services so that customers have a bigger choice when it comes to insurance cover. No matter the customer’s choice of package it is met with an A+ standard customer service that gave the company a good ranking in the North America Top 50 call centres in 2013. There are so many reasons why one should choose USHEALTH but their exemplary customer service still remains their main selling point.

Investment Bankers Should Seek Out International Resources

The investment banking sector attracts a large number of different kinds of people. Some are more outgoing individuals that like to network. Others prefer to crunch numbers. Investment banking is lucrative for anyone that is willing to work hard. Those that seek out investment bankers due so because they need to acquire capital for a business idea. Investment bankers usually have good negotiation skills. They focus on finding the best results for their clients.

Mergers and acquisitions are usually very important to the investment banker. This is because they often provide services to large corporations. Corporations seek out investment banking firms because they usually require large sums of money to function properly. The most reputable investment banking firms may handle multiple accounts for some of the biggest corporations in the world.

The modern investment banker should conduct international business. This is because large businesses rely heavily on resource allocation and logistics. International resources may end up being very valuable because of geographic variances. Foreign banks may offer competitive interest rates. Investment bankers may provide advice on acquiring other forms of resources overseas. Most economists would agree that dealing internationally gives investors much more leverage in selecting resources.

Martin Lustgarten is one of many investment bankers from Miami. His firm focuses heavily on international relations. Lustgarten is the CEO of his own firm. The highly successful firm has earned large amounts of repeat business over the years. He focuses on finding unique acquisition tools. Martin mostly seeks out clients that he thinks that he can provide the most help for. This has cemented his reputation as someone who specializes in international investment banking. He provides a lot of different types of advisement strategies.


Martin spent years learning about finance around the world. He has applied his knowledge to multiple successful companies. Large businesses often come to him because he is considered an expert in the field of international finance. Many of the most successful investment bankers have carved out their own unique niche in the industry. This is because investment banking is relatively risky. Martin’s business model has given him a margin of safety. This has allowed his company to thrive.