The Lung Institute Has Developed a New Type of Personalized Medicine

It’s readily apparent that everyone is unique. Even when one looks at illness, the cold season always tends to treat everyone a bit differently. The exact same illness will be shrugged off by one person, be a moderate inconvenience for another, and a month long struggle for yet another person. This can make some aspects of modern medicine seem a bit strange. If people react differently to the same illness, than it makes sense that they’d react differently to a cure as well. This is especially true for serious long term problems such as chronic lung conditions.

Chronic lung conditions involve two separate items which call for a more individualized treatment. According to Cedars-Sinai, the first problem involves the fact that different people react differently to the same illness. This also leads into the second issue. Over time the human body will try different methods to deal with long term illness. This creates situations where one can’t really predict the nature or extent of the damage caused by many chronic conditions. The lungs of two people suffering from long term chronic conditions will often be quite different on the microscopic level.

There is one organization which places a heavy emphasis on individualized treatment for chronic lung conditions though. The Lung Institute has developed innovative treatments an innovative method to help the human body heal itself. The Lung Institute begins by extracting stem cells from a patient’s own body. Stem cells are basically the building block of most structures within the body. It can be used to build and maintain almost anything. It can almost be thought of as the human body’s version of a brick. A very basic building block that, with the right blueprint, can form almost anything. The only problem is that the body often doesn’t understand that it needs to make use of them to build upon a damaged part of the body.

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The Lung Institute can use the extracted stem cells from one’s own body to create a new type of medicine. The resulting medicine contains stem cells that have essentially been given directions to help repair lung tissue. When directed to the lungs they’ll work perfectly with a patient’s individual needs. It works seamlessly because the medicine has been tailored to the patient’s unique biology right from the start. This dedication to individualized treatment has made the Lung Institute one of the leading innovators in the field.

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