The Cutting Edge at Donald Scott NYC

Donald Scott NYC is a hair stylist who has created his own hair cutting tools after feeling limited for years in the hair industry. The patented collection gives future barbers and stylist the freedom to create. One of his patented creations is the DS/X4 Razor Tool + Naked Blades. Donald Scott NYC’s design is ergonomic which makes detail work easy.

The traditional straight razor ( is often thought of as a tool used of for men’s shaving; however, the straight razor can be used to do other task. A razor cut can give anyone a polished look when it’s done properly. This cut normally works best on people with thick, longer hair that can be layered or short, thick, straight hair. Razor cuts are also a great idea for bangs. When it comes to razor cuts, a little bit goes a long way. You want the hair to be light and care free, not frizzy.

Straight razors are also used as the ultimate tool for expert barbers. If you want your customer’s hairline to look crisp and fresh and his edge up to be defined use a straight razor. Perfect edges can make the difference between great and spectacular hair.

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