Wen by Chaz Challenge

After dealing with thin hair throughout her life, Emily McClure thought she would try out WEN hair by Chaz, which is a hair conditioning product that has garnered a huge amount of attention for a very long time. Wen by Chaz is highly regarded according to Amazon consumer reviews as an amazing conditioner that adds a huge amount of volume, while giving hair a massive amount of moisture and shine. Emily used Wen by Chaz for an entire week and wrote about her experience, as first posted by Bustle.

Based on the fact that her hair is naturally thin, Emily McClure started using the conditioner with the hopes that she would add some volume. The biggest thing that struck her the first couple days was the fact that her hair felt a lot fuller, and she said she felt a noticeable difference throughout the day. She stated that one of the bizarre things about using Wen was the fact that when she used it for the first time, there was no hair in the bottom of the shower drain.

She said that the majority of the time when she takes a shower and uses her regular shampoo that she will find quite a bit of hair at the bottom of the drain. This was a great benefit to her, as the thin hair that she typically has to deal with did not get thinner by simply falling out. She did say she had to use a bit more product than she normally would, but that the thickness that she could feel throughout her day was great and she got compliments on her hair. After using the Sephora endorsed product for an entire week, her overall experience was a positive one and she said that she is going to still use Wen hair by Chaz when she wants to add some additional volume. WEN Hair Care products are also available at ebay.com.

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