Tim Armour Explains What Warren Buffet Gets Wrong

Warren Buffett is recognized as an advocate of regular investors putting their money into an S&P 500 passive index fund. He says that active funds can’t match the low fees and return of passive investing.

Tim Armour, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Capital Group, says this outlook doesn’t match reality by overlooking the benefits of active investing and missing the negatives of passive investing.

Tim Armour has said that a good fund manager who “earns his keep” can provide better returns than passive funds and feature low fees. One of the signs of these types of hedge fund managers are those who keep a substantial amount of their own capital in the funds they manage. These fund managers can also provide protection during market downturns. Passive funds offer no protection when the markets go down, which is something most people don’t understand.

Mr. Armour has been in the financial industry for over 30 years and has spent his entire career climbing the corporate ladder at Capital Funds since joining the company in 1983. He is a graduate of Middlebury College and holds a degree in economics. During his time with Capital Group, he has also worked as an equity portfolio manager and equity investment analyst.

In January 2017, Tim Armour said that his research revealed that the surge in stock values after Trump was elected president is real and lasting. He thinks that markets around the world will experience faster growth as well as higher inflation and interest rates.

Equitiy First History and Specaliztion

Equities First is a global stock-based lender, providing security based lending services for businesses and individual investors. Since 2002 Equities First has been providing top quality loans based on its evaluation of the risk and future performance associated with the stocks, bonds, and treasuries of the client. Equity First Holdings has become a global leader in shareholder financing solutions in an economic climate where banks are tightening lending criteria. Equities First has become a common alternative for borrowers who do not qualify for more conventional credit-based loans and are looking to raise capital quickly. Since the firm’s inception in 2002, it has grown at an annual rate of 30% and set records in 2013 with a 45% increase in closed loans, 2013 was an amazing year for the company with its total workforce increasing by 50% and with a partnership with Meridian Equity Partners the company grew at an astonishing rate.

According to the Al Christy, Jr. Founder and CEO of Equities First “Our mission is to deliver maximum benefit with minimum risk so our customers can meet their personal and professional goals.”

What Christy means is that Equity First isn’t like the banks that don’t respect their client’s hard-earned money. Equity First delivers maximum benefits to their clients with as little risk as possible. It is truly the premier service for businesses and individual clients, to be a client of Equity First is to be a part of a family that has your best interests at heart. If you are looking to make the most of your investment Equity First is the place to go. With people dedicated 24/7 to you whether you’re a large business or an individual investor Equity First will ensure that you get exactly what you pay for. Check out our website and get started today!

Investment Bankers Should Seek Out International Resources

The investment banking sector attracts a large number of different kinds of people. Some are more outgoing individuals that like to network. Others prefer to crunch numbers. Investment banking is lucrative for anyone that is willing to work hard. Those that seek out investment bankers due so because they need to acquire capital for a business idea. Investment bankers usually have good negotiation skills. They focus on finding the best results for their clients.

Mergers and acquisitions are usually very important to the investment banker. This is because they often provide services to large corporations. Corporations seek out investment banking firms because they usually require large sums of money to function properly. The most reputable investment banking firms may handle multiple accounts for some of the biggest corporations in the world.

The modern investment banker should conduct international business. This is because large businesses rely heavily on resource allocation and logistics. International resources may end up being very valuable because of geographic variances. Foreign banks may offer competitive interest rates. Investment bankers may provide advice on acquiring other forms of resources overseas. Most economists would agree that dealing internationally gives investors much more leverage in selecting resources.

Martin Lustgarten is one of many investment bankers from Miami. His firm focuses heavily on international relations. Lustgarten is the CEO of his own firm. The highly successful firm has earned large amounts of repeat business over the years. He focuses on finding unique acquisition tools. Martin mostly seeks out clients that he thinks that he can provide the most help for. This has cemented his reputation as someone who specializes in international investment banking. He provides a lot of different types of advisement strategies.


Martin spent years learning about finance around the world. He has applied his knowledge to multiple successful companies. Large businesses often come to him because he is considered an expert in the field of international finance. Many of the most successful investment bankers have carved out their own unique niche in the industry. This is because investment banking is relatively risky. Martin’s business model has given him a margin of safety. This has allowed his company to thrive.

The Financial Expertise Of Sam Tabar

His Education

Sam Tabar received his college education from Yale University. Originally a graduate with a degree in law, he decided to work for various financial service firms. His work at these firms gave him a strong understanding of how to invest and how to manage large funds. Using this knowledge Tabar decided to find work that would allow him to work more directly with finance. This is when he decided he wanted to create a reputation for himself.

Making A Name For Himself

As a private investor and manager, Tabar has certainly shown the world exactly what he is capable of. He has built himself a personal fortune using his smart investment strategies. His talent also translated to success in management as well. Recently, Full Cycle Fund announced Tabar would take on the role of Chief Officer of Operations. His work at Full Cycle has allowed the firm to develop well beyond its original goals. Essentially, Full Cycle is an investment firm focused on companies developing alternative energy and waste management technology. Tabar has a strong interest in this line of work and understands how to invest properly.

Socially Conscious Investing

It’s easy to understand why Full Cycle decided to pick Sam Tabar as their COO. He has a long history of investing in a socially conscious manner and knows how to make invest in progress while still growing profits. An example of Tabar’s socially conscious investments is Herthinx. Focused on empowering women around the world, Herthinx is a feminine hygiene company aimed at emerging markets. Tabar understood the growth potential for the idea and went for it. That line of thinking is the exact reason he is where he is today.

Where He Goes From Here

As one of the most successful attorneys and capital strategists in New York City, Tabar continues to work on ways to invest in the greater good. He stands as an example of how the free market can in fact find solutions to our problems. Wherever there is a will there is a way of fixing things.