Wessex Institute of Technology’s Informative Conferences

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) Conferences has developed an excellent reputation over the years for their conferences. Wessex Institute of Technology organises a program of around 25 conferences each year. These confeences are held in many different locations across the country. The WIT program continues to grow and be and ideal spot to learn about the companies key objectives.


According to www.theweek.co.uk, WIT is committed to acting as a connection between both professional and academic group. Furthermore they encourage disciplined research. Among some of the conferences held in 2016 were the following: 1st International Conference on Big Data, 10th International Conference on Risk Analysis, The New Forest Conference on Complex Systems and the 5th International Conference on Flood Risk Management and Response. These are just a few of the opportunities available during the overall conference. WIT continues to grow in popularity and should be available in even more places in the years to come.  Follow them at their Facebook.com page.

Dojo Is Helping Build A More Positive And Engaging School Experience For Students

ClassDojo is one of the best tools around for bringing teachers, students, and parents together in the school environment. ClassDojo launched back in 2011 and has since been allow parents and teacher to better connect with students while they are learning in class. This program is an innovative take on education and learning apps that can be called a platform for interactive communication. It is now easier than ever for parents to stay o schedule with school events and activities.

One of the main goals for ClassDojo is to build stronger and more positive environments in the classroom and for the school community in general. Students using the app can see feedback and positive encouragement from their teachers as well as parents to helping them along in class and boost their confidence.

Parents, just like students, can receive messages and feedback as well from teachers, including reminders of things that are upcoming. Teachers no longer have to send students home with messages or notes which need a response from parents, they can now directly communicate with each other through the ClassDojo app. This also gives students more incentive to behave properly in class since there is no way of hiding things from their parents before they get home.

One of the keys to success in the classroom has always been communication and enabling students to become engaged in their work. ClassDojo’s platform is making this easier than it ever has been, which is a huge relief for teachers and parents who want the best for their kids. Currently, ClassDojo has grown to see use in 2 out of 3 classroom all over the United States, and the app is widely accessible with support in more than 35 languages.

Technology only continues to advance every year, and with every year that passes, new and improved tools are coming out for learning and education. ClassDojo is using the latest technology for the app to ensure a smooth and positive experience while using their platform. Currently, ClassDojo is very compatible and usable on nearly all devices, and it is secure for use on all networks.

ClassDojo has no downsides in order to get started using the app, since it is completely dedicated to helping students learn and is entirely free for use. Now, Parents and instructors can stay connected and relay information to each other that they may have missed, such as a school trip. As ClassDojo continues to grow, their overall aim stays the same, which is to help build stronger communities around school and encourage a more positive environment for kids to learn.


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