Jose Borghi And His Management Of Mullen Lowe

Jose Borghi has done quite a lot of work to ensure that Mullen Lowe will be the finest advertising agency in the world. It is a strong company that has come quite a long way since he started. The company is growing because Jose knows that his company must have a worldwide appeal, and Jose Borghi believes that it is much easier to keep the company healthy as they find more people to work with. There are quite a few people who will be pleased with the work that he does, and their businesses will have a much better profile.

#1: The Company Spread Across The Globe

The company has advertising spread across globe because they want to have more offices in different places. They have opened offices in places where they know they will have the most customers, and they will be happy to serve a company that wants to visit with them locally.

#2: South American Spirit

The company has a South American spirit that has ensured they are giving the best results businesses advertising on the continent. They grew their profile by helping these companies, and they have worked quite hard to ensure that all companies on the continent prefer them over others.

#3: The Creativity

Jose is open to creativity in his company that will ensure his clients receive the finest ads possible. He knows that each of these ads will be much easier to create as he has a large team to work with, and clients know the company has a reputation for excellence.

The work that has been done by Jose Borghi over the years at Mullen Lowe is changing his business and the advertising world at-large. Someone who is looking into purchasing ads and logos must first check with Mullen Lowe for help.

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Lori Senecal Promotes Growth as CP+B’s Global CEO

On March 9, 2015, Lori Senecal was announced as CP+B’s new Global CEO. Senegal’s new responsibilities as Global CEO include managing the eight international offices, promoting further development, and watching over CP+B’s global expansion growth and progress. For more info visit LinkedIn.

Senecal is a leading management specialist in the industry and is very experienced in her work. She was born in Canada and since risen to the highest ranks in the industry, which is no easy feat. She has a long history of embracing new technology, inventions, and encouraging innovation. She has already helped them boost their revenue by over 20% by implanting a safe risk taking strategy. She was chosen for these reasons as CP+B is confident in her ability to propel their company to success all around the world. They were quickly proven to be correct when she played an integral role in winning the Infiniti global creative account. Senecal is honored to be able to work with Chuck Porter and the rest of the CP+B leadership team and the talent they possess in all of their offices. Over and over again, Senecal has proven herself to be the progressive kind of leadership that guides companies toward success. Check out Salary to know more.

Lori Senecal has many years of experience, during which time she has built up her resume by creating a variety of strategic partnerships, pushing global agency growth forward, developing new business divisions, and working with Coca-Cola, Nestle, and BMW. She is also the CEO of MDC Partners networks where she works intimately with leadership agencies. In the past, she transformed kbs+ when she brought them up to a 900 person revolutionary firm. This was a stark improvement from their previous 250 person domestic agency. They are now a worldwide company that focuses on investment, new technology and creative content.

She also used to works at the President of Mccann-Ericsson Worldwide in their Net York office. She was voted into the board of MDC Partners and 2014 and given the high award of Woman to Watch by Advertising Age. She has also been awarded with the AWNY Game Changer Awards and the Quantum Leap award thanks to her steady leadership and innovative techniques. She is the Jury Chair for the Isaac Awards which seeks to honor invention in the the industry. She also successfully advised Kraft Mac & Cheese on their advertising technique after they started using all natural ingredients. This was a point of interest all over the country and Stephen Colbert even did a monologue about Senecal’s innovative idea  that can be watched on YouTube.

Follow her on Twitter.

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Alexandre Gama: Top Quality Advertising And Marketing Service

Alexandre Gama provides a vast array of marketing and advertising services to clients throughout Brazil. As a reputable and reliable professional, Alexandre Gama works closely with clients to get a good understanding of their business and their advertising goals. With this information he creates campaigns and marketing plans that satisfy his client. Alexandre Gama is good at research and he also has access to top notch marketing resources and skilled copywriters and designers. Alexandre Gama works with his team to analyze market trends and develop the right strategy to meet his client’s needs.