Dr Walden Still An Austin Girl At Heart

Dr. Jennifer Walden has accomplished awards and notoriety in her medical career, but she is still an Austin, Texas girl at heart. The award winning plastic surgeon recently returned to her hometown to open a new practice. She also brought along her twin sons. Returning home was the perfect opportunity for the young boys to get to know their family better. The fact is that Walden trained with some of the best medical professionals in New York, and established a very successful practice In Manhattan. Now, she returns to Austin, Texas to offer her extensive skills and training to locals.

Austin Roots
Dr. Jennifer Walden is a true Austin, Texas native. It was inevitable that she would return to her hometown. She has a large and very supportive family in her hometown that happily welcomed her back. In addition, Walden has a strong medical background in her family too. Both of her parents were in the medical profession. Certainly, their connection with the medical profession helped to build Walden’s interest in becoming a plastic surgeon. Her family also had a very deep belief in education and helping the community. This is also one of the major reasons that Walden decided to return to Austin, Texas and open a plastic surgery practice. Walden had a thriving medical practice in Manhattan. Certainly, her practice in Austin will thrive too.

About Dr. Jennifer Walden
Dr. Jennifer Walden is one successful female plastic surgeon that realizes that a woman an have it all. Today, she is considered one of the top plastic surgeons in the country. Walden is also an author and media spokesperson and commentator. Walden has appeared on several new shows. She is also a member of Modern Aesthetics’ and Plastic Surgery Practice’s Editorial Board of Directors. Walden returned to Austin, Texas in 2011 with her twin sons to open a practice. She has also been noted for using the most advanced technologies in her practice. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a perfect example of the modern day woman that has achieved it all. She is a perfect role model for young women striving to succeed with their career and life.


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Talk Fusion’s Bob Reinas Always Gives Back To The Community

Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reinas in 2007. It is a business that helps businesses and charities to get more exposure by digital marketing. They have several package options, ranging in price from $125 to $1,499. So they have options that will meet most people’s budget. Since the start of business in 2007 Talk Fusion has expanded tremendously and are steadily adding things to their product list. When Bob first started in business he knew he wanted to give back to others. Bob says, “with success comes greater responsibility”. This is something that he transitioned over into the culture of Talk Fusion. Bob Reinas not only talks about giving back, he actually follows through on it.
Bob Reinas gave one million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and often gives to an Indonesian orphanage. He steadily gives because that is the true culture of Talk Fusion. He believes in changing lives via action. He recently took things to a whole new level with his giving. He gave all Talk Fusion associates the opportunity to give a free Talk Fusion account to the charity of their choice. On this account the charity has access to their best plan. Within this plan people have access to branding, video marketing products and more. When he created this he wanted to help charities and nonprofits be able to get the word out about their company and how they help people.
Anyone can see how Talk Fusion goes above and beyond to give back.


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Securus Technologies Won’t Just Let It Slip By

As a citizen who pays close attention to taxes and the amount of money that is spent both by myself and by the state I live in, I found a great satisfaction in recent reports released by Securus Technologies. In a press release that I read from PR Newswire it stated Securus Technologies had performed and investigation based upon the commission of the Louisiana Public Service Commission. During their investigative research, they uncovered a multitude of infractions that would be considered Integrity breaches and other forms of wrongdoings.
Securus Technologies discovered that Global Tel Link a corporation which was providing telecommunications for incarcerated inmates was altering their clocks to add 15 or 36 seconds to the length of each inmate call. This was an unauthorized charge that managed to incur sizeable amounts of monetary debt. Securus Technologies also uncovered evidence of double charges. All in all, there were 4 infractions four violations that were discovered.

These for violations cost taxpayers in the state of Louisiana more than 1.2 million dollars. Global Tel Link would have gotten away with this if it wasn’t for integrated technology Solution Services such as Securus Technologies. Earning a Better Business Bureau accreditation and an A+ rating comes naturally when you’re doing what you’re supposed to do. Having a commitment to customer satisfaction as well as a dedication to the progress and achievements of future technological advancements has given Securus America Technologies just that.

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Dojo Is Helping Build A More Positive And Engaging School Experience For Students

ClassDojo is one of the best tools around for bringing teachers, students, and parents together in the school environment. ClassDojo launched back in 2011 and has since been allow parents and teacher to better connect with students while they are learning in class. This program is an innovative take on education and learning apps that can be called a platform for interactive communication. It is now easier than ever for parents to stay o schedule with school events and activities.

One of the main goals for ClassDojo is to build stronger and more positive environments in the classroom and for the school community in general. Students using the app can see feedback and positive encouragement from their teachers as well as parents to helping them along in class and boost their confidence.

Parents, just like students, can receive messages and feedback as well from teachers, including reminders of things that are upcoming. Teachers no longer have to send students home with messages or notes which need a response from parents, they can now directly communicate with each other through the ClassDojo app. This also gives students more incentive to behave properly in class since there is no way of hiding things from their parents before they get home.

One of the keys to success in the classroom has always been communication and enabling students to become engaged in their work. ClassDojo’s platform is making this easier than it ever has been, which is a huge relief for teachers and parents who want the best for their kids. Currently, ClassDojo has grown to see use in 2 out of 3 classroom all over the United States, and the app is widely accessible with support in more than 35 languages.

Technology only continues to advance every year, and with every year that passes, new and improved tools are coming out for learning and education. ClassDojo is using the latest technology for the app to ensure a smooth and positive experience while using their platform. Currently, ClassDojo is very compatible and usable on nearly all devices, and it is secure for use on all networks.

ClassDojo has no downsides in order to get started using the app, since it is completely dedicated to helping students learn and is entirely free for use. Now, Parents and instructors can stay connected and relay information to each other that they may have missed, such as a school trip. As ClassDojo continues to grow, their overall aim stays the same, which is to help build stronger communities around school and encourage a more positive environment for kids to learn.


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The Founding Story of Solo Capital’s Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is a global boutique company from the United Kingdom that was founded by Sanjay Shah. The company was incorporated in 2011 and headquartered in London. There are a lot of changes which are positive and significant that the company has achieved since Sanjay founded it.
Rising Story of Solo Capital
After leaving his accounting job, Sanjay made a decision to start Solo Capital Markets. Sanjay had worked with financial institutions where he was given responsibilities of accounting though he did not like his job. An example of something he disliked is that he was forced to travel in the morning and evening when going to work which wasted his time. He was also compelled to sit in his office for 10 hours making him feel wasted and prompting him to quit the profession. However, even before he moved out of his job, there was a financial crisis that struck in 2008 and the decision that was made involved retrenching all employees from banking institutions due to lack of funds where Shah became part of the affected individuals.
After losing his job, Sanjay Shah decided to find an office in London which was just a tiny room located on the outskirts of the city and started a brokerage firm. He had very few employees at the outset but nowadays there are thousands of people who work with the company. Apart from increased employees, the company also own some buildings and has purchased several other enterprises in the world.
Sanjay Shah Background
Shah became part of United Kingdom Citizens after his parents migrated from Kenya when he was very young. His parents were a bit wealthy, and he managed to live in one of the London’s prestigious neighborhood. Sanjay got the opportunity to start his career of choice which was medicine but after some years, he changed his mind because being a doctor was not part of his calling.
Sanjay Shah can now be said to be a British millionaire since he has achieved a lot regarding earnings. Apart from financial success, he also supports Autism Rocks, which is a charitable organization that has spread in different parts of the world.


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Shopping Online Just Got Easier With Slyce

Slyce created a really nice product recognition AI that people can use to find something based on only a picture, and they were really smart to purchase Pounce so they could link it with a shopping app. Shopping online is so very simple because people can take pictures that go right into the app, and then they will see thousands of results for that one picture. Slyce basically does everything for the user, and it helps people who are not even sure what they are looking at.

The app at Pounce uses the Slyce technology to create search results, and it shows people what they have taken a picture of. They can learn quickly what it really is, and then they will see all the shopping options for that item. The shopping options for the item will have different prices and be on different sites that are all easy to access. It is very easy for people to get the item when they click to buy in the browser, and they can get it so much faster than they ever did before.

It is far too hard to describe something that goes into a web search, but the Pounce app uses technology created by Slyce to find the item everywhere it is out there. It will even give alternatives to make sure that the person who has serious shopping needs can find what they want. It is easy to make a purchase when there are so many results, and it skips over the problems that people usually have when they get stuck during a search.

No one should have to spend all their time online looking for something specific to buy, and they need to make sure that they have a chance to get the help they need. It is so much easier for people to get the help they need with just one picture in the Pounce app, and they will find it to be a lot simpler than sitting at the computer for hours. There are good pricing options, and there are even better pricing choices for someone who wants to save money.

Brad Reifler Trying To Teach Common Sense

When you think about the current state of the investing world, there are a significant number of opportunities. That being said, the more you actually drill down into investments, the more you find it to be difficult for middle class individuals. Brad Reifler is on a mission to try and change that, however, while he is still attempting to make it easier on a daily basis for the middle and lower class workers to have access to legitimate capital funds markets he is also trying to make sure that people understand what they are actually investing in.

The most important thing for Reifler is to make sure individuals are aware of the psychological and mental requirements that first must be dealt with in investing. You can’t just throw money down at risks and you have to be aware of what you are truly doing. After all, even in a casino you can improve your odds if you understand the rules. That being said, casinos are still terrible investments. In the same tone, however, as long as you actually understand the rules and the idea of what you are trying to accomplish, at least you have a shot. It is for that reason that Reifler continues to stress it is more important to know why you are doing something than it is just to do it alone.

Some of Brad Reifler’s top concerns are making sure people don’t put all of their money away into the markets. There needs to be cash and funds left over in case the markets go sour. In addition to diversification, you also need to know why you are investing in something. It has to have a strong business model and it needs to make sense to actually put your money into it as well.

Brad Reifler obviously has the financial experience that anyone could trust. However, his biggest claim to fame is that he is in the business not just of making money, but in helping others to learn how to make better investment decisions and to generate wealth from a sound financial point of view.

Securus Announces The Findings of Louisiana PSC Investigation

Securus Technologies is an American for-profit prison technology company based out of Dallas, Texas. Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies serves more than 3,000 public safety, corrections and law enforcement agencies spread out over a million inmates in North America. Securus Technologies serves by providing emergency response, public information, bio-metric analysis, communication and information management products to help make the world safer.
Recently as reported by PR Newswire, Securus Technologies announced that a release of different reports, facts, and articles will highlight wrongdoings and breaches by provider Global Tel Link. Securus Technologies is looking at multiple issues of wrongdoings by Global Tel Link in a series of press releases. The goal of Securus America Technologies is to force Global Tel Link into acting with higher and better integrity.

The first press release by Securus involves a page order by the Louisiana Public Service Commission regarding Global Tel Link’s actions when they served the Louisiana Department of Corrections while providing outbound telecom services to hundreds of inmates.

The Louisiana Public Service Commission investigated Global Tel Link and their findings showed that Global Tel Link unlawfully programmed the clocks in their telephones to add either 15 or 36 seconds to the duration of each call. Global Tel Link programmed its telephones to rate calls at higher rates than permitted under the tariffs. Global Tel Link was unauthorized to engage in the practice of billing a single call multiple times. The Louisiana Public Service Commission also found that Global Tel Link inflated charges to its customers through unnecessary add on programs. The Louisiana Public Service Commission ruled that Louisiana taxpayers were overcharged by Global Tel Link by over $1,0000,000.

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Coriant’s CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir


Shaygan Kheradpir is reported to have been appointed the CEO and Board Chairman of the company Coriant in late September of 2015. Kheradpir previously was an Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners earlier last year. It was during his time at Marlin Equity Partners that Kheradpir formed a close working relationship with Coriant’s senior management team. His appointment to Coriant is the latest achievement of Kheradpir’s twenty eight years of career experience.
Prior to Kheradpir’s appointment to Coriant, Kheradpir started his career by working at GTE laboratories in 1987. Starting in the network routing and management department, Kheradpir later became the CEO. More recently, Kheradpir served as both the CTO and CIO at Verizon for over a decade (he served from January 2000 until December 2010). After leaving Verizon, Kheradpir join Barclays Bank as the COO in January 2011 (he held the post of COO until January 2014). Kheradpir then left Barclays Bank in January 2014 and joined Juniper Networks as the CEO (he remained CEO until November 2014). Finally, Kheradpir joined Marlin Equity Partners as an Operating Partner before his appointment at Coriant.
Kheradpir’s appointment as CEO of Coriant is a strategic move to grow the company. Coriant supplies solutions to network operations in more than one hundred countries around the world. Kheradpir is the most qualified man for the job because he has over twenty eight years of experience in leadership positions. An impressive education rounds out his qualifications. Kheradpir holds a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University. During his tenure at Barclays Bank, Kheradpir helped develop the Pingit mobile payments software. After leaving Barclays Bank, he helped develop the Operating Plan at Juniper Networks. Aside from his educational and career achievements, Kheradpir also holds many patents ranging from telecommunications to payment systems.
In conclusion, Kheradpir’s many years of experience in telecommunications, banking, and financial services will benefit Coriant. Kheradpir’s impressive career is a testament to his success and knowledge in the various fields he has been a part of for almost three decades. Outside of his career, such as his education and achievements, his many patents add to why Kheradpir may be the perfect man for the job as CEO and Board Chairman of Coriant.

Read the article at http://bcexploration.com/index.php/2016/01/12/the-new-star-at-coriant-shaygan-kheradpir/


The Success of Andy Wirth and His Resort

Andy Wirth is a businessman and entrepreneur who has been able to combine his love for business alongside his love of the outdoors. Mr. Wirth is the current owner and the president of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, a prestigious and beloved ski resort that is located in northern California.

In addition to just skiing, this ski resort has become a competitive ski resort and now offers many other activities that promote this ski resort to be one of the top resorts in the United States. Andy Wirth has created a vacation spot that is now seen as a home to all families and individuals that visit.  Learn more about Andy Wirth: http://www.auburnjournal.com/article/10/28/15/another-view-community-input-shaping-squaw-valley%E2%80%99s-future

In recent news, Andy Wirth has answered many questions to newspapers and magazines as to how his resort does considerably well despite the west coast droughts.

Mr. Wirth’s response is to enforce environmental stewardship as well as mountain resort culture. Though the drought had initially slowed down business in this region, Mr. Wirth has been able to come up with new ideas that are creative in order to promote the resort. Learn more about Andy Wirth: tahoetopia.com/news/interview-squaw-valley-ceo-andy-wirth

Mr. Wirth’s overall goal is to not only invite more people on a year round basis, but to also offer more jobs within the resort. Mr. Wirth has created a community outreach program in order to further promote his resort to remain in close contact with the neighbors and locals of the resort.

Andy Wirth has made the resort a market competitive community that is not at the expense of the environment.

As this article was published by Auburn Journal, the author continued to discus the qualifications of Andy Wirth. Mr. Wirth, though having recently acquired the hotel, has already increased both the popularity as well as the overall revenue of the resort.

Mr. Wirth has invested over 70 million dollars into the resort in order to remodel the resort to make it more appealing and ready for more families and couples.

Andy Wirth has enjoyed every minute of owning his new resort and has many plans for the future to make this resort one of the best resorts in the country.

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