The Highest Paid CEO in the Oil Business “Anthony Petrello”

Nabors Industries Ltd

Tony is the highest paid CEO in the nation, with earnings exceeding over 15 million to date. The 62 year old Harvard Law Graduate started with Nabors Industries back in 1991. The CEO has held many titles since then. Playing the role of President and Chief Operating Officer since 1991 “subsequently” the CEO has come a long way. Anthony big break came around 2013, when he was offered 60 million for a more dedicate role in the company. This seems to be a man that was predestined for this career. Some people just know who they are supposed to be at an early age. Tony earned his position through the ranks as he played major roles in the company since his college years. There’s no better example of a career orientated success story that arrived from hard work and education.


Tony Petrello known as the skinny ambitious kid in high school. The math genius was often compared to Matt Damon in the classic film Good Will Hunting, being that he was a lower middle class teenager, who was obviously above his surroundings. By the age of 18 Anthony became the apprentice of professor named Serge Lang, a world- legendary mathematician. Tony Educational background is very impressive. He’s obtained a Bachelor of Science Undergrad Degree from Yale University, a Master of Science Degree from Harvard Graduate School, and a Juris Doctor Degree from Harvard Law School.

Positive Information

Nabors Industries established in 1968 as Anglo Energy. Today, the company is located in Hamilton, Bermuda. This is the largest international oil, natural gas, and drilling contractor that operate on land throughout Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is “also” the leading benefactor of offshore drilling rigs in the United States and various international marketplaces. The company possesses the best execution tools and ground-breaking machineries throughout the nations gas markets.

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