ClassDojo-Helping to Connect Schools


The mission of ClassDojo is to completely change the classroom as we know it into a new world for students, parents, and teachers by integrating an app that will make that very concept quite possible. ClassDojo can connect teachers, parents, and students together in every classroom and help them to get open communication into their classroom.

ClassDojo is an app that can be used to open communication within the classroom and allows its users to share photos, videos, and messages throughout the school day. ClassDojo can be used to really help students, teachers, and parents to work together as a team and to stay connected.

ClassDojo is being used in many of the K-8 schools in the United States and in over 180 countries. It can even be translated into many different languages. ClassDojo has even received many notable awards including the Innovation by Design Awards in 2016, and the 35 Most Innovative Apps award in 2016. CassDojo has also received the Education Innovation Award in 2011.

ClassDojo makes it possible to build the classroom culture through the Classroom area of the app where and makes it possible to choose skills and values like teamwork and creativity. Teachers and students can even share progress and feedback with each other.

The Messages section allows teachers, school leaders, and parents to message each other easily and teachers are able to set “Quiet Hours” so as not to disturb teaching.

The Stories part allows stories to instantly update through pictures and videos from the school day. Class Story enables teachers to share with families connected with their class. Student Stories helps teachers to share with the families of their students what their students have learned throughout the school day.

ClassDojo is making it possible to keep everyone involved in the school system connected.

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