Wengie Talks About AGEs


I just watched a very interesting YouTube video from Wengie. In this video Wengie discusses the topic of foods that cause us to prematurely age. The title of her video is “Is Your Food Aging You Prematurely?? Anti-Aging Diet Tips”.


I personally have been involved in the health and fitness industry for many years, but never have heard of AGEs. The initials AGE stand for advanced glycation end-product. Simply put, these are components in the foods we eat that have a negative effect on our overall health and more specifically on how rapidly we age. In the video she recommends a book titled “How Not to Die” where the concept of AGEs are discussed in greater detail. I for one will be reading this book as soon as possible.


What we eat can actually be given a score based on the AGEs within that particular food. In general, processed foods that are high in fats and sugars get a high AGE score, while fresh fruits and vegetables have low AGE score. The lower the AGE score the better this food is for our health and how well we fight the aging process. Wengie gives the dramatic example of bacon having an AGE score of 90,000, while a can of corn has only a 95 score. This illustrates what a huge difference our food choices can make in the quality of our lives.


Wengie also discusses the concept that the same food, but cooked differently can have dramatically different AGE scores. She gives the example of a piece of fried chicken having 73,000 AGEs while the same piece of chicken boiled instead of fried only has 11,000 AGEs. Apparently high heat cooking really causes a rise in the AGE score, while slow cooking helps to keep the AGEs lower.



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