The Type of Services that are offered by Cotemar

Cotemar is regarded as one of the leading firms that provide a wide array of maritime transportation services in Mexico. The solutions that it offers to its clients include specialized shipping, building and maintenance of facilities that are located offshore, as well as handling various activities in the petroleum sector. The company has been in business since 1979, and it has been broadening the scope of services that it offers. Cotemar’s solutions are essential to various enterprises that are in the petroleum industry, and this includes Petroleos Mexicanos, which has been hiring it to provide offshore transportation solutions. It currently owns a fleet of specialized vessels that assist in the maintenance of infrastructure that is located in the sea. The firm has been ensuring that all the services that it offers are friendly to the environment.

The ships that Cotemar owns have been designed to transport people, oils, and various solid materials. The have been modified to process petroleum products and also carry huge machinery that can be used in facilities that are located offshore. The company has been making sure that its ships are regularly inspected and maintained so that they can meet the standard and safety measures that it has set.

The firm has been offering various services to the people who board its ships. It provides accommodation in small cabins that can be used by up to four people. The vessels of the firm have recreational facilities such as TV rooms, basketball courts, and gym equipment. Its food courts offer delicious cuisine, and they can feed up to 4000 people. The enterprise has been making sure that the employees work in an environment that meets safety and health control regulations. It cares for the employees’ welfare by setting high operating standards.

Cotemar has been growing from the time that it was established, and it is currently a top company that offers marine transport for the oil and gas sector. It is committed to making sure that there is sustainability in the global petroleum industry. The firm has been striving to increase the variety of services that it offers to its clients. It also utilizes emerging technologies when providing services. The company is privately owned, and it was founded to provide accommodation and catering services for people who were traveling offshore. Cotemar owned a ship that was a full-fledged hotel by 1985. To date, the company’s vessels offer all the services that people would need when they are away from land.

Norman Pattiz Announces Results of New Podcast Research on Network’s Brand by Edison Research

PodcastOne Executive Chair, Norman Pattiz, together with Tom Webster, Edison Research’s VP of Strategy announced the end results of a number of comprehensive studies. The studies focused on the results of advertising analysis involving five main nationwide consumer products across five diverse service and product types. This was the first study ever conducted before and after campaign brand lift on behalf of podcast advertisers conducted during the second half of 2016. The study showed the important constructive impact that podcast advertising has on the intention to purchase, recall of definite messaging and brand recall.

Key Findings of the Studies

From the studies more than 60% of the listeners referred to a particular grocery brand in its post-campaign, this was an increase from the 7% of listeners who mentioned it in the pre-study. Independent product awareness also increased from before the study and after it by 47% for a product in the financial services, 24% for a garden and lawn product and 37% for a product in the automobile aftermarket sector. During the post-study, more than a third of the respondents held a favorable opinion for an automobile aftermarket product from the 18% during the pre-study. About 22% of the respondents stated they were ready to think about using a garden and lawn product, an increase from the 16% in the pre-study. A casual dining restaurant posted an increase to 76% from before the study to after it.

Studies Carried Out in 2016

Edison Research held three different studies in 2016 for PodcastOne in a bid to find out the efficiency of podcast advertising carried out on five national brands. A number of these brands were already known but were launching new messages while others were unknown brands seeking trial and increased awareness. According to PodcastOne Executive Chairman and Founder Norman Pattiz the core focus of conducting the research was to verify independently whether the podcast format managed to enhance the brand impact over the conventional advertising formats. Tom Webster, Edison Research VP of Strategy, shared his excitement on partnering with PodcastOne and the five top brands in measuring the impact caused by podcast advertising. [Read More]

About Norman Pattiz

Mr. Pattiz is the chairman emeritus and founder of Westwood One, a radio giant. He led the company to become the largest radio network in America and is a provider of sports, news, talk, entertainment as well as traffic programming in the broadcast industry. He founded and launched the Courtside Entertainment Group (based in Los Angeles) in 2010. It is the company that finances and produces multi-platform and quality programming.

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Hussain Sajwani – A Self-Made Billionaire And Real Estate Tycoon

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and owner of Damac Properties, started in the year 2002, and today stands tall as one of the top real estate construction companies in the Middle East. Damac Properties has many different projects under development in various major cities and towns in the Middle East. The properties built by Damac Properties are crafted to perfection and are integrated with the world class luxury, which is why the people never worry before investing in Damac Properties’ offering.

The company doesn’t compromise on any aspect of real estate development, whether it is safety, luxury or amenities. DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani was in the food service business before he entered the real estate market in the Middle East. It was because he saw that there was a lot of untapped potential in the real estate market in the region. It is why he shifted to Dubai from the United States and started his first venture by buying a small plot of land.

After the legal formalities had been completed and the design of the 38 story building on the plot was ready, he approached high net worth individuals and businessmen in Dubai and the Middle East, and within six months, the entire project was sold out. The fact that he was able to sell the whole project on paper, even before the construction commenced, showcases his ability as a businessman. One of the points that need mention is that at the time nobody knew Hussain Sajwani well, and he was new to the country as well. However, he wanted to reap the benefit of the government decree that allowed non-residents of the state to purchase land in the country.

Hussain Sajwani is considered a real estate tycoon in the Middle-East and rightly so. He is worth well over $3.4 Billion and has an international business partnership with Trump’s real estate firm, with whom Damac Properties has collaborated on several projects, including the famous Trump’s International Golf Course. The families of Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani know each other well and are often seen dining together in restaurants or hanging out whenever they happen to be in the same cities.

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Clay Siegall Contributions in the Biotechnology Field.

Clay siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics as well as the company’s chief executive officer and the president. Seattle Genetics targets a variety of autoimmune indications and cancer through its clinical and preclinical products. The company is an antibody technologies leader.

Clay siegall has been of great importance to the Seattle Genetics and has helped the company go through a lot of activities like raising start-up capital, where the corporation was able to secure more than $330 million through private and public financing, and representing the company in global conferences. He has also helped the company to join multiple strategic collaborations which include worldwide collaboration with Genentech, which has a total value of more than $860 million, some ADC collaborations, which include MedImmune, Bayer, Curagen, and Progenics, which has helped in generating more than $65 million.

From 1991 to 1997, Dr. Siegall was working with Bristol-Myers Squibb, an institute of pharmaceutical research. In 1988 to 1991, he worked with National Cancer Institute in national institutes of health. Talking of cancer, Dr. Clay has over 20 years of experience in the field making him knowledgeable in various cancer issues. He sat as a trustee and director on the board of governors of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliances as well as on the board of trustees of Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association, which is a private biotechnology company.

Since 2014, Dr.Clay Siegall has been a director of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. He has also worked with Mirna Therapeutics as a non-director. Dr.siegall was also a biotechnology and a staff fellow at National Institutes of Health and National Cancer Institute. He holds nine patents and 67 scientific papers.

In 1995, due to his efforts in the targeted toxins sector, he was given the Pierce Award. He was also declared an Ernest and young Pacific Northwest entrepreneur of the year as the healthcare category award finalist. He acquired his PhD in Genetics from the University of George Washington, and also obtained his B.S in Zoology from Maryland University

How Fabletics Is Changing the Workout Fashion Industry

In today’s market, it can be hard to get your foot in the fashion industry. This can be especially hard considering Amazon controls 20% of the fashion e-commerce market. People tend to go and try something on in-store and then purchase it online for a cheaper price. That is called showrooming, and Amazon has made it easy to get something for a lower cost, or a cheaper version.


Fabletics has used the practice of showrooming to their advantage by reversing it. Fabletics does not see browsing as a negative thing but rather a positive because of how they started and grew their company. Before creating physical stores, Fabletics thrived in just the online world. Now when people go into one of their stores there’s up to a %50 chance they are already a member and a 25% chance that they will walk out one if they are not. When someone tries something on in-store, it goes into their online shopping cart too. Fabletics does not but emphasize on where the customer buys their product, online or in-store, it’s all a part of their service. Using this model has helped Fabletics to grow into a $250 million business in just three years.


Fabletic’s customers love the unique style of the clothing they get. There are different patterns, fits, and lengths of clothing meaning your workout clothing will never be boring. Whether you want basics or fun patterns, Fabletics has a wide selection that is sure to have something that fits everyone’s personal style. Not only is there a style that will fit everyone’s needs, it also is affordable compared to other brands, and who doesn’t want a more affordable option? Being affordable is something that Fabletic’s prides itself on.


Although Fabletics is affordable, they do not sacrifice quality for it. The leggings have been said to compare to more expensive brands such as Lululemon, which could run you over twice as much for just one single pair of leggings. But with Fabletics you get an entire outfit for almost have that price. Their leggings are not see through and they do not loose their shape after washing. They keep everything smooth and tight and have not had issues with falling down during intense workouts. What more could you want from a legging? They come in varying lengths so if you have a different body height to find pants that fit, don’t worry they have lengths that will work for you. Besides their leggings, they also have tanks and shirts that have been praised for their softness and fit.



If you are in the market for affordable and high-quality workout clothing, give Fabletics a try. They are sure to have something that will fit your needs.

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Equities First – Financial Management And Maximizing Shareholder Value

Optimizing the value of your shares while managing your finances is one of the primary focuses of many business managers. Equities First Holdings is an international lender that will not only assist you in matters of alternative lending but also giving you professional guidance on how to manage your finances while improving the shares value of your business. The essential objective of financial administration is to amplify or to consistently expand shareholder value. Maximizing shareholder value obliges directors to have the capacity to adjust capital financing between project investment that enlarge the association’s long haul productivity and supportability, alongside paying extra money in form of shareholders and dividends. Supervisors of development organizations (i.e. firms that procure high rates of profit for contributed capital) will utilize the greater part of the company’s capital assets and surplus money on projects and investments so the organization can keep on expanding its business operations even in future. Bloomberg Report Here .

At the point when organizations achieve development levels inside their industry (i.e. organizations that acquire around normal or lower returns on contributed capital), directors of these organizations will utilize surplus money to pay out profits to shareholders. Administrators must do an examination to decide the proper portion of the association’s capital assets and money surplus amongst tasks and payouts of profits to shareholders, and additionally paying back their creditors.  Visit

Stock loans offered by Equities First Holdings are non-purpose and allow borrowers to invest in the projects of their desires. They can be used to minimize the business debt, expand business operations or tackle personal agendas – the clients enjoy greater adaptability with their capital. Picking between investment tasks can be based upon different inter-related criteria. First, corporate administration looks to augment the value of the firm by putting resources into activities which yield a positive net current value when estimated utilizing a suitable markdown rate with regards to risk. Secondly, these ventures should likewise be financed properly. Thirdly, if no development is conceivable by the organization and extra money surplus is not required by the company, then financial hypothesis proposes that administration ought to give back a few or just the whole of extra money to shareholders. Today, you can allow Equities First Holdings to develop your business for greater tomorrow.

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Praise-Worthy Customer Service at Ushealth Group

It is very difficult to get a fitting insurance cover for specific illness or even a good disability and accident cover solution. USHEALTH Group, Inc understands this aspect and that is why they are the ideal choice of insurance for more than 15 million people in the U.S. In addition to being affordable and secure, their insurance is flexible enough to adjust to the need of the individuals. Different people need different forms of coverage due to their unique needs especially when it comes to a medical cover. To enhance their reliability they have created broad portfolio coverage that could be adjusted to the specific needs of the customer. This helps to create good customer service since the have the option to tailor their covers.

USHEALTH Group, Inc offers a variety of insurance services such as Specified Disease/Sickness, Critical Illness, Short Term Accident Disability Income, Accident, Term Life Insurance, Dental, Income Protector and Vision Plans as ancillary products. For those customers that are afraid of making a big annual deductible before gaining the first benefit, USHEALTH Group, Inc offers first dollar benefits through their innovative products. They also offer various network discounts though some of their providers. These are ideal services for people who want an insurance cover but are on a budget because they are more affordable as compared to their comprehensive plans. To the customers who can afford a more specified level of cost sharing and who wish to have a more secure cover, the company offers a more tailored approach into their insurance cover. USHEALTH Group’s family offers them a unique and specified disease and accident plans that are flexible, reliable and affordable and learn more about USHealth Group.

In order to give a personalised service to their customers, they give the accident, disease/sickness coverage though their subsidiary USHEALTH Advisors that provides the customers with an advisor before they commit to a given coverage. The advisors are well vetted and meet very high company qualifications and standards. They undergo product training and certification before they are allowed to represent the company hence they are very knowledgeable on the products that the company offers.

In an insurance market with a high customer turnover and no customer loyalty, USHEALTH seeks to maintain a healthy long term relationship with their customers. They understand the unique aspect of every customer and that no one insurance package is ideal for all the clients. This is why they offer a broad variety of services so that customers have a bigger choice when it comes to insurance cover. No matter the customer’s choice of package it is met with an A+ standard customer service that gave the company a good ranking in the North America Top 50 call centres in 2013. There are so many reasons why one should choose USHEALTH but their exemplary customer service still remains their main selling point.

Sujit Choudhry – Helping Mobilize The Information On Comparative Law Globally

Even though the fundamentals of legal systems across the countries are somewhat similar, many differences set them apart and make it unique. Comparative law is the study of legal systems of different countries. In technical terms, it is the study of various legal systems that exists today, which includes Islamic Law, Cannon Law, Socialist Law, Jewish Law, Chinese Law, Civil Law, and Hindu Law. The comparative law aims to bridge the gaps in different legal systems so that the various countries can work together in peace and harmony and engage in an active partnership.

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In today’s world, it is imperative for the countries around the world to work with each other on different fronts, which includes trade, economic partnership, information exchange, social issues, cultural exchange, criminal information, immigration policies, and more. These transactions need a common legal platform to make things happen, and it is where the importance of comparative law comes in. As the world moves towards globalization rapidly, the significance of comparative law has increased drastically.  More on

In today’s world, many of the countries are crisis-stricken. The comparative law helps in transforming authoritarian regime to peaceful democracy. In a way, the comparative law helps with unifying the different legal systems existing across the world. The comparative law addresses many issues that can surface during cross-cultural exchanges. It exists so that the cross country and cultural exchange can take place smoothly, without the concerned countries to get entangled in legal disputes. The partnership between the countries is only possible after understanding the legal framework of the associate countries. The common platform created through comparative law helps with ensuring that different countries can collaborate with each other without getting into any legal disputes in their country.  Follow Choudhry on

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The discussion on the comparative law is incomplete without mentioning the name of Sujit Choudhry. He is one of the most prominent names in the field of comparative law and is the founder of Center for Constitutional Transitions, which is a one of its good university center dedicated to researching and mobilizing the information and data on comparative law. Sujit Choudhry has worked as a foreign constitutional expert during the formation of a constitution for countries such as Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Jordan, Libya, Egypt, South Africa, and Nepal.  Check

Sujit Choudhry has completed B.Sc from the McGill University and completed his studies in law at the University of Oxford. He has written extensively on Comparative Law and firmly believes in its importance in today’s world.





The Lung Institute Has Developed a New Type of Personalized Medicine

It’s readily apparent that everyone is unique. Even when one looks at illness, the cold season always tends to treat everyone a bit differently. The exact same illness will be shrugged off by one person, be a moderate inconvenience for another, and a month long struggle for yet another person. This can make some aspects of modern medicine seem a bit strange. If people react differently to the same illness, than it makes sense that they’d react differently to a cure as well. This is especially true for serious long term problems such as chronic lung conditions.

Chronic lung conditions involve two separate items which call for a more individualized treatment. According to Cedars-Sinai, the first problem involves the fact that different people react differently to the same illness. This also leads into the second issue. Over time the human body will try different methods to deal with long term illness. This creates situations where one can’t really predict the nature or extent of the damage caused by many chronic conditions. The lungs of two people suffering from long term chronic conditions will often be quite different on the microscopic level.

There is one organization which places a heavy emphasis on individualized treatment for chronic lung conditions though. The Lung Institute has developed innovative treatments an innovative method to help the human body heal itself. The Lung Institute begins by extracting stem cells from a patient’s own body. Stem cells are basically the building block of most structures within the body. It can be used to build and maintain almost anything. It can almost be thought of as the human body’s version of a brick. A very basic building block that, with the right blueprint, can form almost anything. The only problem is that the body often doesn’t understand that it needs to make use of them to build upon a damaged part of the body.

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The Lung Institute can use the extracted stem cells from one’s own body to create a new type of medicine. The resulting medicine contains stem cells that have essentially been given directions to help repair lung tissue. When directed to the lungs they’ll work perfectly with a patient’s individual needs. It works seamlessly because the medicine has been tailored to the patient’s unique biology right from the start. This dedication to individualized treatment has made the Lung Institute one of the leading innovators in the field.

To read patients’ testimonials, visit

For more info, subscribe to the Lung Institute’s YouTube channel.

Financial Services Company Sees Success

Dallas-based financial services company, Nexbank, raised an additional $80 million in its senior unsecured notes and bringing the total the total issuance to $155 million February of 2017. The proceeds of these notes will be used for general corporate purposes as well as repaying certain indebtedness. Nexbank also achieved tremendous growth and success through recent record levels of deposits, loans, earnings and assets with a total of $4.64 billion as of December of 2016.

Based in Dallas and the 14th largest bank in the state of Texas, Nexbank has 4 locations and 88 employees. This financial institution specializes in personal banking including savings and checking accounts as well as mortgages as well as commercial banking. Nexbank is client focused and offers a broad range of products to help their customers manage their money. Traditional savings accounts offer easy fund transfers, competitive rates, online banking and ATM card availability. Some checking account options include Platinum One Checking and e-free checking. Online banking is also available at the customer’s convenience.

Nexbank also specializes in business and commercial banking that is tailor made to their client’s needs. Services offered to business clients include commercial lending to help commercial needs in new business opportunities, government and small business loans with more flexible terms than conventional loans. Nexbank also offers commercial real estate lending, treasury management, financial institutions, credit services and agency services to their clients.