Equitiy First History and Specaliztion

Equities First is a global stock-based lender, providing security based lending services for businesses and individual investors. Since 2002 Equities First has been providing top quality loans based on its evaluation of the risk and future performance associated with the stocks, bonds, and treasuries of the client. Equity First Holdings has become a global leader in shareholder financing solutions in an economic climate where banks are tightening lending criteria. Equities First has become a common alternative for borrowers who do not qualify for more conventional credit-based loans and are looking to raise capital quickly. Since the firm’s inception in 2002, it has grown at an annual rate of 30% and set records in 2013 with a 45% increase in closed loans, 2013 was an amazing year for the company with its total workforce increasing by 50% and with a partnership with Meridian Equity Partners the company grew at an astonishing rate.

According to the Al Christy, Jr. Founder and CEO of Equities First “Our mission is to deliver maximum benefit with minimum risk so our customers can meet their personal and professional goals.”

What Christy means is that Equity First isn’t like the banks that don’t respect their client’s hard-earned money. Equity First delivers maximum benefits to their clients with as little risk as possible. It is truly the premier service for businesses and individual clients, to be a client of Equity First is to be a part of a family that has your best interests at heart. If you are looking to make the most of your investment Equity First is the place to go. With people dedicated 24/7 to you whether you’re a large business or an individual investor Equity First will ensure that you get exactly what you pay for. Check out our website and get started today!

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