FreedomPop Grabs Momentum With Excellent Mobile Carrier Platform

In the search for savings many people are looking to their phone bill as a way out. Unfortunately, most mobile carriers don’t really seem interested in making their plans affordable to the every day American. Perhaps that is why a little company by the name of FreedomPop has been growing in size and surging in popularity of late. FreedomPop, based out of Los Angeles and rapidly expanding around the globe, is a ‘freemium’ phone company. What is a ‘freemium’ phone company? Well, you’ll find out some more in this FreedomPop review.


When CEO Stephen Stokols decided to really push FreedomPop he knew one thing: he’d have to make he company pop out of the crowd. People don’t switch away from established phone companies for no reason. So in order to to try and change the industry Stokols would establish FreedomPop as a ‘freemium‘ phone carrier. This means that customers can sign up for FreedomPop’s basic plan for absolutely free. The base plan for FreedomPop includes 200 minutes of talk, 500 MB of mobile 4G data and as many text messages as you might want to send. There are no contracts with a FreedomPop core plan and you will never be charged a single thing — unless you go over your data and voice limits.


FreedomPop couldn’t just rest on their laurels if they wanted to change the game in a big way. So FreedomPop decided to go ahead and try to start implementing some enticing plans to get people interested in upgrading. It was Stephen Stokol’s belief that FreedomPop could serve as a sort of digital buffet for people looking to tailor make their own, perfect and customized phone plan. That is why you’ll see upgraded features like the unlimited hotspot WiFi usage for just $5 per month. FreedomPop established hotspots throughout the United States, literally millions of locations, for the usage of their paying customers.


What there is to like about FreedomPop is simple: it’s a free, no risk or obligation, way to get a smart phone plan that is right for you. There are numerous updates and upgrades available and even premium plans that more resemble the traditional mobile carrier path. The ‘premium’ plan, which includes unlimited talk and text as well as 2GB of mobile 4G data, is only $19.99 for example. Thanks to clever production plans FreedomPop is able to pass on incredible savings straight to the customer.

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