Brad Reifler Teaching You The Ropes for Successful Investing

Brad Reifler is known for being founder and Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital Management. He is known for having unique skills in founding startups and growing them into very successful businesses. His entrepreneurship began back some 25 years ago when he first founded Reifler Trading Corporation.

Since then, he has been commercializing his brilliant ideas to become Multi-million worth of businesses. When he sold Reifler Trading back in the year 2000, that was not the end for him. He was left to run Pali, a company that he had founded in the year 1995. With Pali, he was able to create more than 200 jobs and strategically guide the company into making deals that would bring him hundreds of millions in profit. The expertise gained throughout his journey makes him an even better leader for Forefront Capital.

Apart from being a prominent entrepreneur, Brad Reifler uses his time to coach other entrepreneurs. He understands all the challenges that there are from when an idea comes into your mind, to getting finances and running it to be successful. In a recent interview with PR Newswire discussing the similarities that the movie The Monster Money has with entrepreneurs in real life circumstances. He would discuss the pitfalls that the regular entrepreneur will encounter during their journey. He also talked of how the wealthy are given even higher opportunities to further enrich themselves. During the interview he gave a few tips that would help entrepreneurs overcome their challenges.

Tips for Successful Investing

Have Goals

Before you go ahead and invest your money, you should have clearly-defined goals. What is it that you want to achieve and when do you want to achieve it? If you find that your investment is reaching the set goals in the set amount of time, then go ahead and invest more money.

Fund Managers- Know Them

When you are entrusting someone with your money, you need to know them in and out. Commit to creating a relationship with your fund managers. If you find that they are people that cannot be trusted, get someone who you can trust with your money.


Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Therefore, as tempting as the stock market might be, avoid investing all your money there. There so many areas in which your money could reap profits. All of it doesn’t have to go to the money market.


The Onctotarget journal came into formation in the year 2010. It mainly focuses on oncology, a part of medicine that deals with arrest, examination, and treatment of cancer. However, in the recent years, it has developed to cover the non-oncological publication. Its chief editors are Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny who both work at Roswell Park Institute.

It usually posts its release online on a free access site to enable efficient and quick viewing of their articles. According to Impact Journals, they publish Oncology papers, but due to great success, they have diversified the journal to cover other fields like cardiology, microbiology, pharmacology and neuroscience.

According to Thomson Reuters JCR Impact Factor, they have ranked number one since the year 2011 to the present time, which is a great accomplishment for the journal.

Research Gates told us that they base the success to their well-organized methods of publishing; they have the right editors with a great passion for the topics. Onctotarget is readily available via the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google +; this is in the spirit of reaching more audience globally.

Research on relationship between E-cigarette and gum tissue

E-cigarette refers to a battery operated device that causes oral danger when metal heating element evaporates. It denatures the formation of the Deoxyribonucleic acid(DNA)in that it can change the appearance of the protein, change its structure or denaturing overall tithe result is rupturing or inhibiting its intended function. In the mouth, it causes the inflammation of the gum. The proteins do not combine as intended.

It further states that its effect resembles that of smoking in the manner in which they destroy the periodontal cells. The result of the research discouraged any exposure to the metal heating elements as they posed more threat to the human body.

MET Amplification as potential therapeutic target in gastric cancer

It stated that the patients were responding positively to cytotoxic chemotherapy. Though no exact establishment is reached, the combination of CDDPinclusive of 5 fluorouracil does help in new cases of gastric cancer.

The research done on 327 victims showed that 260 patients who were the first treated with fluoropyrimidine and platinum chemotherapy had the better chance of survival. 16 showed FGF Amplification depended on the age factor, Borman grade activities, Extra-abnormal lymph bone, and metastases.

The result revealed that independent prognostic predictor in patients worked only in the new cases while in the earlier cases it did not work. Nevertheless, to say there was no impact after being introduced in advanced stages of gastric cancer would be erroneous.

The Financial Expertise Of Sam Tabar

His Education

Sam Tabar received his college education from Yale University. Originally a graduate with a degree in law, he decided to work for various financial service firms. His work at these firms gave him a strong understanding of how to invest and how to manage large funds. Using this knowledge Tabar decided to find work that would allow him to work more directly with finance. This is when he decided he wanted to create a reputation for himself.

Making A Name For Himself

As a private investor and manager, Tabar has certainly shown the world exactly what he is capable of. He has built himself a personal fortune using his smart investment strategies. His talent also translated to success in management as well. Recently, Full Cycle Fund announced Tabar would take on the role of Chief Officer of Operations. His work at Full Cycle has allowed the firm to develop well beyond its original goals. Essentially, Full Cycle is an investment firm focused on companies developing alternative energy and waste management technology. Tabar has a strong interest in this line of work and understands how to invest properly.

Socially Conscious Investing

It’s easy to understand why Full Cycle decided to pick Sam Tabar as their COO. He has a long history of investing in a socially conscious manner and knows how to make invest in progress while still growing profits. An example of Tabar’s socially conscious investments is Herthinx. Focused on empowering women around the world, Herthinx is a feminine hygiene company aimed at emerging markets. Tabar understood the growth potential for the idea and went for it. That line of thinking is the exact reason he is where he is today.

Where He Goes From Here

As one of the most successful attorneys and capital strategists in New York City, Tabar continues to work on ways to invest in the greater good. He stands as an example of how the free market can in fact find solutions to our problems. Wherever there is a will there is a way of fixing things.

The Cutting Edge at Donald Scott NYC

Donald Scott NYC is a hair stylist who has created his own hair cutting tools after feeling limited for years in the hair industry. The patented collection gives future barbers and stylist the freedom to create. One of his patented creations is the DS/X4 Razor Tool + Naked Blades. Donald Scott NYC’s design is ergonomic which makes detail work easy.

The traditional straight razor ( is often thought of as a tool used of for men’s shaving; however, the straight razor can be used to do other task. A razor cut can give anyone a polished look when it’s done properly. This cut normally works best on people with thick, longer hair that can be layered or short, thick, straight hair. Razor cuts are also a great idea for bangs. When it comes to razor cuts, a little bit goes a long way. You want the hair to be light and care free, not frizzy.

Straight razors are also used as the ultimate tool for expert barbers. If you want your customer’s hairline to look crisp and fresh and his edge up to be defined use a straight razor. Perfect edges can make the difference between great and spectacular hair.

Follow Donald Scott NYC on Instagram @donaldscottnyc to learn more.

Re-living the Boy in the Man with Toys for Boys

On July 2016, the co- founder of Toys for Boys, Danilo Diaz Granados held a fantastic event aimed at entertaining his guests in Miami. The event featured helicopter rides, race track events, sunset boat rides and an excellent cuisine just to mention but a few. These kinds of events are purposely meant to bring an adrenaline feeling for men. Over the years, since the company’s foundation, Granados has successfully held several lifetime events for his quests.

According to Granados, he wanted to create an opportunity where men can have a once in a lifetime experience. He stated that people in Miami now have a place they can get most of the fantastic products in a single location. On that particular day, hand-picked guests were treated to an intimate breakfast. They were also privileged to have a private view of the highly anticipated residential building in the highly coveted area of Miami. Granados, later, explained that the company’s goal is to offer an opportunity for the guests to connect with art and the surrounding in an extravagant Miami style. It was also the aim of the company to re-live the boy in the Men they had become. Provision of events like race tracks and boat riding brought out the energy and excitement that can only be achieved in youths.

Granados treated the guests to a helicopter ride to Palm Beach race track. Each man was given the opportunity to take a spin on the track. During the lunch hour, guests were received with Dom Perignon champagne. The champagne was accompanied by an elegant lunch served at the River Yacht Club. As the event came to a closure, the guests were treated to a beautiful sunset boat ride. Courtesy of Van Dutch and Technomar, the guests got to test out the newest boat models from the companies.

Danilo Diaz Granados is an American based entrepreneur. He attended Babson College in Wellesley Massachusetts and graduated with an undergraduate degree in economics and entrepreneurship. Granados utilized the knowledge by conducting a study that identified the needs of the Latino community in Miami. Consequently, he opened a luxury boutique that sold art, watches, exotic automobile, and jewelry. The luxury concept later matured to Toys and Boys.