Dick DeVos Love For Giving

We all know the saying “a little help goes a long way”, but what about when more than just a little help is given? What is you couple a little help with hope and compassion? People all over the world rely on the help and genuine compassion from others to survive. Homeless rates and poverty levels are on a constant rise in the United States, and communities that were once thriving and full of life and opportunity are now dull and dwindling. Many organizations such as religious, faith and community based establishments often offer assistance in the form of charity to those in need. Unfortunately, due to the increased rate of unemployment and poverty, more and more people are relying heavily one the assistance of such organizations to get by. These assistance agencies provide financial assistance to those in need, as long as the agency has the appropriate funds.

Most, if not all of these organizations are able to assist members of their community due to the financial contributions of other community members. Richard(Dick) DeVos Jr. is a philanthropist and entrepreneur from Michigan. He is the former CEO and President of the Orlando Magic, a title that came when his family acquired the basketball franchise. In 1993 Dick and his wife Betsy became co-chairs of the Education Freedom Fund. One of many philanthropic donations from the DeVos family, this fund provides scholarships for students of low-income families who reside in Michigan. The also couple has their own foundation, The Dick and Betsy DeVos foundation. Each of their four children have followed in their parents footsteps showing an extreme amount of compassion for community members in need. Based on IRS reports, the DeVos’ generosity totaled $94 million dollars in donations. The contributions made by this family are not only appreciated and felt in Michigan, but all around the world. They have landed a spot on the Forbes Top 50 Givers list, and touched hearts around the world. The giving and kind spirit that they have passed on to their children will live for generations. It is because of people like the Dick DeVos family that hope and unity still exist.

InnovaCare Medicare Plan

Throughout the years, Medicare plans have changed. There have been new and better opportunities for those who can be covered through the Medicare program. Medicare is a government healthcare program, which helps people who are retired or disabled to continue receiving healthcare benefits. There are many different types of Medicare Insurances, in which depending on the plan chosen is pretty hard to understand. Plans such as:

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO )- an organization who provides health care to individuals and families in a particular area by member physicians; who gives limited referrals to outside specialist within their network

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) – an organization that provides healthcare at a lower cot, if doctors are used within the health care network.

Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO )- an organization in which a list of providers are covered through this network, but if decided to see a provider outside of the network that is not covered through the EPO network, will have to pay out of pocket for any procedures or visits made.

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There are also different Parts in which is paid separately with these plans. Part A covers Hospital Insurance, Part B covers Medical Insurance and Part D covers medications. All three can be paid separately, but not everyone can receive all three of these parts. The Medicare Advantage Plan also known as Part C covers all three parts, but there is a set amount per year. Once the client has reached the plans maximum yearly amount of paying co-pays and coinsurance fees, any fees afterwards will be waived.

InnovaCare Health is a Medicare and Medicaid Insurance plan, run under Obamacare. Innovacare has a lot of promising coverages. Headed by Rick Shinto as managing Director of InnovaCare, it which started in the beginning of 2016 in Puerto Rico, has been great in Puerto Rico and in certain parts of the United States. It has combined insurances, such as MMM and PMC, making it into a stronger network. The MMM and PMC, offers access for beneficiaries to receive comprehensive health care with many specialists through this plan. InnovaCare also offers high quality care to their patients across North America. With 200,000 individuals served with a network of over 7,500 providers, and 400 pharmacists affiliated with the MMM organizations, proper care is in the motivation with InnovaCare Health with the help of Penelope Kokkinides.

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Dr Walden Still An Austin Girl At Heart

Dr. Jennifer Walden has accomplished awards and notoriety in her medical career, but she is still an Austin, Texas girl at heart. The award winning plastic surgeon recently returned to her hometown to open a new practice. She also brought along her twin sons. Returning home was the perfect opportunity for the young boys to get to know their family better. The fact is that Walden trained with some of the best medical professionals in New York, and established a very successful practice In Manhattan. Now, she returns to Austin, Texas to offer her extensive skills and training to locals.

Austin Roots
Dr. Jennifer Walden is a true Austin, Texas native. It was inevitable that she would return to her hometown. She has a large and very supportive family in her hometown that happily welcomed her back. In addition, Walden has a strong medical background in her family too. Both of her parents were in the medical profession. Certainly, their connection with the medical profession helped to build Walden’s interest in becoming a plastic surgeon. Her family also had a very deep belief in education and helping the community. This is also one of the major reasons that Walden decided to return to Austin, Texas and open a plastic surgery practice. Walden had a thriving medical practice in Manhattan. Certainly, her practice in Austin will thrive too.

About Dr. Jennifer Walden
Dr. Jennifer Walden is one successful female plastic surgeon that realizes that a woman an have it all. Today, she is considered one of the top plastic surgeons in the country. Walden is also an author and media spokesperson and commentator. Walden has appeared on several new shows. She is also a member of Modern Aesthetics’ and Plastic Surgery Practice’s Editorial Board of Directors. Walden returned to Austin, Texas in 2011 with her twin sons to open a practice. She has also been noted for using the most advanced technologies in her practice. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a perfect example of the modern day woman that has achieved it all. She is a perfect role model for young women striving to succeed with their career and life.


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Talk Fusion’s Bob Reinas Always Gives Back To The Community

Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reinas in 2007. It is a business that helps businesses and charities to get more exposure by digital marketing. They have several package options, ranging in price from $125 to $1,499. So they have options that will meet most people’s budget. Since the start of business in 2007 Talk Fusion has expanded tremendously and are steadily adding things to their product list. When Bob first started in business he knew he wanted to give back to others. Bob says, “with success comes greater responsibility”. This is something that he transitioned over into the culture of Talk Fusion. Bob Reinas not only talks about giving back, he actually follows through on it.
Bob Reinas gave one million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and often gives to an Indonesian orphanage. He steadily gives because that is the true culture of Talk Fusion. He believes in changing lives via action. He recently took things to a whole new level with his giving. He gave all Talk Fusion associates the opportunity to give a free Talk Fusion account to the charity of their choice. On this account the charity has access to their best plan. Within this plan people have access to branding, video marketing products and more. When he created this he wanted to help charities and nonprofits be able to get the word out about their company and how they help people.
Anyone can see how Talk Fusion goes above and beyond to give back.


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